Saturday, August 13, 2005


(The following analysis is based on comments and speeches made by prominent Leftists like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Dick Durbin, Howeird Dean, et al):

(1) The loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." went to war with Saddam just because they want an "endless war" so he and his cronies can make gobs of money - off the war machine and off the oil. YUP: the loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." LIED (about the reason to go to war) and sent 500,000 troops in harms way, into a conflict that would kill 25,000 Iraqis and 1800 Americans JUST TO ENRICH HIS CRONIES AT HALLIBURTON AND BOEING. (2) The loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." was behind 9/11 - and let the Saudis escape - (and some even had the CIA put explosives into the WTC to make sure it would come crashing down) - just to begin a phony/endless war which could enrich his cronies. (3) The loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." started the GWOT and the war in Iraq at the behest of (a) neocons/Likudniks/Zionists, and to protect Israel; and (b) at the behest of the House of Saud - a neat trick since these two groups are enemies.

WELL: IF "Bush & Co." is so incredibly murderous and mendacious, then why would they try to discredit Joe Wilson by waiting for reporters to ask them about him!? Why wouldn't they - (these folks who brought down thw WTC and started a diversionary war in Iraq) - JUST MURDER JOE WILSON AND HIS WIFE!? If "Bush & Co." were so murderous and so so so mendacious why wouldn't they simply murder Cindy Sheehan, or Saddam, or Chirac and Schroeder, or Zapatero, or the Abu Ghraib perps or Arafat or Kofi?! (Like the Queen murdered Pricess Diana!)

OBVIOUSLY the conspiratorial scenarios of the Left are totally inconsistent paranoid fiction not based on reason or reality or facts. (Fictions so fraught with internal contradiction that I believe that no sane person could believe them! Only people afflicted with BDS - Bush Derangement Syndrome - can begin to believe what they emphatically espouse.)

IF THESE LOONY LEFTIST RAVINGS WERE STRICTLY MARGINAL - and if they were criticized by the Democrat Party - then they would be BENEATH comment. But the sad fact is when folks like: Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan and Harry Belafonte and Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky and Cynthia McKinney and Jim Moran and John Conyers and Ray McGovern and DICK DURBIN and Howard Dean say LOONY LEFTIST stuff, NO ONE - not a single leader of the Democrat Party - ever criticizes them.

The continued silence of the Democrat leadership in the face of these lunatic Leftist charges will condemn the Democrat Party to extinction. GRANTED: they are in a tough place; the lunatic fringe is there activist base. Any politician who criticizes the Democrat Party's base does so at GREAT great personal political risk. But unless and until the Democrat leadership has a "Sister Souljah" moment - a moment when they confront and condemn their BDS afflicted fringe (people like Moore and Sheehan and Carter AND DURBIN, and nuts like the idiots at NARAL) - they can NOT be a national party. Just like Zell Miller said! [BTW: I have been a registered Democrat since 1974.]

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