Sunday, August 07, 2005


NYTIMES: WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 - Many of the new, more sophisticated roadside bombs used to attack American and government forces in Iraq have been designed in Iran and shipped in from there, United States military and intelligence officials said Friday, raising the prospect of increased foreign help for Iraqi insurgents. ... "These are among the most sophisticated and most lethal devices we've seen," said the senior officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the delicate intelligence reports describing the bombs. "It's very serious." ... Pentagon and intelligence officials say that some shipments of the new explosives have contained both components and fully manufactured devices, and may have been spirited into Iraq along the porous Iranian border by the Iranian-backed, anti-Israeli terrorist group Hezbollah, or by Iran's Revolutionary Guard. American commanders say these bombs closely matched those that Hezbollah has used against Israel. ... American officials say they have no evidence that the Iranian government is involved. But Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the new United States ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, complained publicly this week about the Tehran government's harmful meddling in Iraqi affairs.

If this it is true, then BOLTON should demand and emergency session of the UNSC and provide the world with evidence, and then demand that the Iranian government close it's border with Iraq or we they will be hit with UN sanctions, and a USA ultimatum: if there is another shipment of IED's into Iraq, then we will attack Iran militarily - destroying ALL their military assets.

On October 25th, 1962 JFK authorized Adlai Stevenson to present photographic evidence on the Russian nukes and to be VERY tough with the Soviets when we discovered the USSR missiles in Cuba. Bush should authorize Bolton to be just as forthcoming (and also to show proof of the claim) and just as tough: by issuing an the above ultimatum to Iran.

Why have a rottweiler like Bolton if we don't use him!?

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