Saturday, December 02, 2023

Battle against Hamas has officially resumed

After at least a few acts of violence that violated the cease-fire agreements, the IDF has resumed its raid on Hamas enclaves:
The IDF has announced the renewal of fighting in Gaza, after the Hamas terror organization violated the terms of the operational pause.

An IDF spokesperson said that IAF aircraft are attacking Hamas targets in Gaza. A diplomatic source said, "We are renewing the fighting with all our might. There are no negotiations for the release of hostages."

At the same time, the IDF's Home Front Command updated the guidelines for the Israeli public, and in most cities in central Israel, schools will be open only in locations where a protected space is accessible within the required amount of time.

The pause was set to expire at 7:00a.m. Friday morning, but reports by the Wall Street Journal claimed that an agreement was reached on extending the ceasefire by a day. This report was not confirmed by Israel, and by Friday morning, Israel had not yet received a new list of hostages to be freed.
Based on the violence of the rocket attacks, and what happened at Jerusalem's main entrance road the other day, that's why there's no choice but to continue the combat against the monsters.

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