Friday, December 19, 2014


The comics writer Joshua Dysart has announced on his site he's traveling to Iraq's Kurdish region for goals of research. While it would seem like he's taking up a noble mission to help Kurds suppressed by Iraq's Islamofascists, his choice of whom to travel and work with isn't great:
For over a year now I’ve been in contact with some people at the United Nations World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian organization concerned with hunger and food security. We’ve been plotting to tell some stories about the complexity and necessity of feeding the world’s displaced people in an engaging way. Now we’re finally getting started and soon I’ll be leaving for northern Iraq. There, I’ll begin researching the current situation facing Kurdish refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict and the violent push of the Islamic State. The situation is incredibly dire, especially with winter coming. In the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq the temperatures can range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit down to near 0 this time of year.
He's right that ISIS are the evil entity, and that nobody innocent should have to starve, but why does he think a political organization that's been Islamofascism's worst enabler - with some of the worst violators of human rights sitting on their own security councils - are the kind of people he should be associating himself with? The UN was also guilty of involvement in the Oil-for-Food scandal, and one of their worst members of recent was Richard Falk, an anti-Israelist and 9-11 Truther. Falk's offenses even include blaming America after the terrorist attack at Boston's marathon. Why associate himself with an organization that's not what some used to think it was, if it ever was at all?

Dysart's mission may be for a good cause, but he shouldn't be working with members of the UN to fulfill it, since they're some of the most dishonest people you can find, and willfully employed some pure scum on their payroll. If he were smart, he'd look for a better relief organization to travel to Kurdistan with.

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