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Some members of Lev Tahor were arrested - deservedly, given what their mindset is like - for remaining in Canada past their visa expiration dates:
CHATHAM, Ont. – Six members of an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect were arrested Wednesday by the Canada Border Services Agency over suspected immigration issues, their lawyer said.

Some families in the Lev Tahor community are at the centre of an ongoing child custody case, including one family that fled to Guatemala, but according to a community member those arrested are not involved in the child welfare case.

CBSA agents went looking for seven Lev Tahor members who had either been ordered removed from Canada or had their status expired, said the group’s lawyer, Guidy Mamann.

Five of those people, as well as one other person who was found to have alleged immigration issues, were apprehended, Mamann said. He is working with CBSA to make sure the other two people authorities had been seeking comply, he said.

Members of the community told local radio station Blackburn News that those arrested are Israeli citizens and their visas had expired. One member of the community told The Canadian Press some of those arrested were American citizens.

The seven people arrested are known to have 28 children, Stephen Doig, the executive director of Chatham-Kent Children’s Services. An unknown number of children whose parents were both apprehended were taken into care.

The children were all back in the community hours later, being looked after by relatives or alternate caregivers, Mamann said Wednesday evening.
I'm disappointed with their willingness to return those children to their custody, after all they've been doing. I hope those children will accompany their parents home to Israel and the USA, and not be forced to stay at the enclave.

And again, through their stupid lawyer, they've been donning the victimology guise:
Mamann, who was meeting with Lev Tahor’s spiritual leader Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans when reached for an interview, said the community was terrified during the CBSA arrests.

“It’s a frightening experience to look up and see 20-some-odd armed officers going from house to house looking for adults and children,” he said.

“These kids witnessed with their own eyes, with their own eyes, that some of their brothers and sisters, some of their friends, some of their neighbours, were taken by children’s aid and never came back. So if you were a child what could you possibly be thinking?”

Mamann, a Toronto-based lawyer who was hired recently, said he is providing a legal strategy for the group that has been lacking.

“That’s why there have been all kinds of difficulties that could have easily been avoided had somebody from the group really understood the legal processes,” he said.

“These people are really fish out of water. They get scared, they run. That’s not a legal strategy.”
No, but neither is acting like victims and as though the reason they're being targeted is because they're Jewish, which is disputable.

And the only reason they're fish out of water is because they've been giving their subjects an education that doesn't teach anything about the outside world, no English or French, and even indoctrinating them to think they'll burn in hell if they don't follow their rules. Sick.

The Toronto Star reveals some more:
One man, who is an American citizen, was sent back to the United States because he said he entered Canada four months ago but CBSA had no record of his entry. The man, who Mamann says has children in the community, was also given a one-year exclusion order. [...]
So at least one of them must've stolen across the border to be with his oh-so vital sect. It's awful how Helbrans has bred a whole list of lemmings.

Three of the members are to appear before a detention hearing soon, and the 7th suspect may have been arrested too. I hope they get thrown out of the country, and, if they come back here, they'll go to a psychologist.

And, here's an op-ed by a member of the Canadian Jewish Congress who abhors the cult's practices.

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