Saturday, July 09, 2011


There's a lot of money on the sidelines - maybe 3 trillion - waiting for something to change before the folks who control it think it's a good time to invest. Corporate money, personal money.
  • Liberals think that rich people are GREEDY and are holding on to their money - and not hiring people - out of GREED.
  • Conservatives think that it's out of FEAR - fear that we're headed for another crash, one even worse than the 2008 crash. Fear that taxes will go up, that regulations will proliferate and that these changes might make what seems like a good investment now turn into a bad investment in the near future.


Greed CANNOT be motivating rich people and corporations whose profits have gone up through productivity gains of the last few years because .... GREED DOESN'T MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO STAND STILL OR HOLD ON TO THEIR MONEY; GREED MOTIVATES PEOPLE TO TAKE RISKS.

Rich people and corporations don't want to hold on to their money so they can listen to the sounds the coins make as they jingle in their pockets. They don't think dollar bills smell better than perfume. And they don't like money so they cane stare at a bunch of zeros on their bank statements.

Rick people want and need to get the best return on their stakes - one commensurate with the amount of risk they're willing to take.

When the risks are too high for the level of potential returns, then they hold on to what they have and pray that inflation won't erode its worth.


People are afraid and NOTHING Obama has done since his swearing in has reduced people's fears.

In fact, they have increased people's anxieties.

He's been a awful POTUS: sometimes rudderless; sometimes steering to the port-side so much he has himself going in circles.

He has failed his voting base and seemed to exclusively serve the powerful factions of the Chicago Machine: the unions.

He has not made America more positive or optimistic or secure or rich or educated or more anything EXCEPT more afraid.

And as long as this atmosphere of fear remains, the economy will either stagnate or decline.

Only OPTIMISM can change things.

And class warfare is not an optimistic policy; it is fundamentally DIVISIVE and DESTRUCTIVE.

As long as Obama is Obama, then FEAR will dominate the economy and it won't grow. For the economy to grow it needs investors to confident enough to risk MORE INVESTING!

Obama must reverse himself on the economy and taxes - the way he has on GITMO and Afghanistan and Iraq and so many other issues related to the GWOT - if we are to get out of the ditch.

This is not likely as Obama is more committed to SOCIALISM than he is to anything else. And that means CLASS WARFARE.


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Juniper in the Desert said...

Most liberals are the well off, bourgeoisie, otherwise where do they get the money to mount all these well-funded demos/flotillas/websites/hate-campaigns? Only look at all the wealth that has flowed into Obama's campaigns, from stoopid joos among others. (In UK, Tony Bliar's)

Of course, THEY don't use their own money, oh no! They demand money from the government in the form of grants and special donations for anti-this and that. Or they get money from pseudo-capitalist nazis like George Soros, who also hate the working man and who has proved this by betting against currencies and forcing the humble tax-payer to cough up. The unions are not "working class", they are swimming in cash, and are now part of the leftist elite.