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Jonathan Tobin writes on Commentary about Richard Goldstone's belated admittal that Israel acted accordingly, whereas the Hamas did not. And that:
...the follow-up to Goldstone’s statement must not be limited to either its now somewhat penitent author or the vicious UN agency that promoted his flawed document. The Goldstone report was a pivotal moment in the growing effort to delegitimize Israel. What we must now hear are similar apologies from all those groups and individuals, from Human Rights Watch to J Street to mainstream bloggers like Andrew Sullivan and minor Palestinian mouthpieces like Hussein Ibish, that either defended Goldstone’s false allegations or sought to aid efforts to promote his scandalous charges. There must be an accounting from all of Goldstone’s previous champions. Like Goldstone’s report, their credibility on this issue is finished.
Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they'll admit it in turn. Creatures like those do not see themselves bearing responsibility. And the damage is tragically done. The Islamic world won't care one bit if Goldstone's recanted. And as John Podhoretz says:
That Richard Goldstone did not know in 2009 that Hamas is a terrorist monstrosity which functions parasitically off civilian populaces while Israel is a beacon of war-fighting restraint in a manner practically unknown in the course of human history suggests even more plainly than the report itself that he is a dupe, a fool, a clown, and a worldwide embarrassment. Not to mention a special kind of reprehensible and appalling figure of inglorious, hideous shame to his own people through the delivery and promulgation of a false document that helped anti-Semites everywhere feel themselves justified.

He was then, and is now, an entirely despicable public figure—and so is his op-ed, by the way, which continues to act as though it is appropriate to draw parallel inferences about Hamas and the state of Israel.
There you go. There is no chance Goldstone was not aware in the past how Hamas is a terrorist gang, existing for more than 2 decades now, and if he's still holding negative sentiments against Israel, that's another serious minus. As I said before, Goldstone is a figure to be ostracized by sane society, along with countless other monstrosities littering up the UN.

Among the other guilty parties is the New Israel Fund:
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Likud Knesset Member Miri Regev attacked the New Israel Fund Sunday for feeding Judge Richard Goldstone biased information against Israel for his report charging Israel with alleged war crimes.

Goldstone admitted on Friday that the report damning Israel for the defensive Operation Cast Lead campaign against Hamas terrorists was not accurate.

“All of the material from the left was supplied by the NIF, and the question now is what to do with them [the NIF]," the Foreign Minister said Sunday morning.

Likud MK Miri Regev said she will bring up the issue of the NIF at a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee.
What to do with the NIF is shun them, pure and simple. They're traitors, and they must take responsibility. Yet Goldstone himself cannot be exonerated or overlooked here; he too is equally guilty, and could tell very easily just what he was dealing with.

And what of Hamas and Fatah?
Hamas says death threats from the “Zionist lobby” forced Judge Richard Goldstone to write a “reconsideration’ of his 2009 U.N. Human Rights Council report against Israel; a friend of Goldstone says, “Jewish reaction influenced him."

“The Zionist lobby’s death threats” and Israel-American pressure forced Goldstone to recant, Hamas stated Sunday. There is not evidence of either nor did Goldstone hint at the possibility in his article.

The rival Fatah movement, headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, also condemned Goldstone's reversal, singling out Hamas for not investigating war crimes while vindicating Israel for alleged intentional attacks on civilians during the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign two years ago.
So we see here that they have no regrets themselves either, and are only spiteful and hateful of Goldstone for running out on them.

Update: here's extra news about this on Giyus.

Update 2: Melanie Phillips also agrees that Goldstone's faux-recant is just that; there is no chance he didn't know Hamas was a terrorist outfit, and all he did was subscribe in pure lockstep with the UN's obscene viewpoint (Hat tip: Jihad Watch). Again, he is most hateful man, and should be shunned indefinitely.

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