Thursday, April 16, 2009




spa-shout said...

The Revolution Has Begun

Yesterday's tea parties from sea to shining sea and sunrise to sunset could best be described as America in action as permitted under the US Constitution! It was a day to make our hearts soar like an eagle! Shoulder to shoulder, with quiet determination, undaunted purpose and proud dignity, patriots made a clear and unmistakable statement! "Hell, no, we are not going to take it any longer."! They were silently shouting their commitment to restore America to the "Republic for which it stands. . .under God." Did you notice how well behaved and civilized every one in the crowds were? It was "pure poetry in motion."

Congratulations and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to FOX NEWS for the fantastic, outstanding coverage it gave to the second most important historical American moment in the history of the 21 century! Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Neil Cavuto, and Greta Sustern were there giving their blood and guts to reporting this absolutely prophetic movement. I have been having a difficult time writing these words because I am stopping to wipe the tears and snot from my face. Finally we are beginning to see the true fiber of America come forward after months of scathing humiliation and confusion created by Obama and his cheap, sleazy followers!

Yesterday's tea parties revealed more than Americans reclaiming America, The Republic.
It revealed the vile bile of some of the MSM attempting to demean and humiliate the tea parties and the brave people standing up and being counted. Did you notice another very unique item missing from the TV coverage of tea parties? Where among all the videos and photos broadcast on TV were there any signs asking about Obama's birth certificate, his eligibility, his failure to produce his back ground records, or mentions of all the indictments and law suits against him? Often what isn't said or shown says more than what is said!

It is only a matter of time if we fail in our efforts to remove Obama from the Whitehouse, we will all be at risk:

"Homeland Security on guard for 'right-wing extremists'
WASHINGTON – A newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report warns against the possibility of violence by unnamed "right-wing extremists" concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty and singles . . ." (Could this be a violation of our first amendment, and other Contsitutional rights? Could this be more lining up of ducks to prepare to keep Obama in office as Dictator and complete his destruction of the Republic of America? Isn't this how fascism deals with their adversaries?)

Yesterday's tea parties kicked off a revolution that will not stop until Obama and the entire corrupt government is replaced by a new one of the choice by WE The People or the Obama government crushes via threat, intimidation, arrest, detainment, convolution, fraud, enslavement and death every patriot who believes this is America, A Republic under the rule of the Constitution of the United States as our fore fathers intended it to be.

The tea party is the first step in this revolution. They drew the line at the Alamo! Obama, Congress, the Senate, and the nine dishonorable Supremes have gotten away with raping the Constitution because most Americans like me, were too busy to learn the Constitution. They depended upon our ignorance to do as they please.

The second step in this revolution is to become armed and dangerous with knowledge of the US Constitution. Get a copy of the US Constitution. Read it. Learn it. Know it. Read it. Learn it Know it. Read it, Learn it. Know it. Become empowered with knowledge. Know it so well it will destroy ignorance and conquer the ignorant. Obama and his adversaries have no defense against the power of the US Constitution. They have no defense against millions who know, believe, and are committed to the laws of the constitution.

In support of this revolution, USApatriots-shout is giving away free copies of the US Constitution to each person who asks for one. My goal is for every American to carry his own pocket copy of the US Constitution-whether or not he/she read it or understands it. It is a first step in defeating Obama people ignorance. Go to www.usapatriot-shout.blogspot.com

Left Coast Rebel said...

I was at the Oceanside tea party here in San DIego CA and it was awesome, drop by my blog and see some pics. Also, I met a young activist and he told me that even bigger rallies are planned for July 4th so I will keep everyone in the blogospher posted! Great blog here - are we related too? We have the same last name (mine doesn't have an 's' though)