Monday, November 17, 2008


In the ENTIRE blogosphere, Reliapundit posted on this first - way back on 11/6.

I'd wanted to write about this earlier, because there's something most chilling about what went on here. Four black marines murdered their white commander, a native of Poland, and his African-American bride in what is clearly an anti-white hate crime and an attack on a black woman for marrying a white man (H/T: LaShawn Barber):
A stack of wedding thank-you cards were waiting to be mailed when four Marines allegedly burst into the California home of Brooklyn-bred Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his new bride, Quiana.

By the time the bullets hit their brains, the newlyweds had been bound and gagged, forced to endure sadistic torture - and she had been violated repeatedly, court records show.

"Nobody deserves a death like this, least of all good, young people with bright futures," Riverside County prosecutor Daniel Delimon said.

Investigators say the motive for the shocking murders was robbery, but neither Pietrzak's mother in Brooklyn nor his in-laws near San Diego believe that.

"Nobody does something like this to human beings just to rob them," said Henryka Pietrzak-Varga. "They wanted to hurt them."

Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak's father said he's heard talk that the Marines - all of whom are black - visited pain on his gorgeous 26-year-old daughter because she was black and Pietrzak was white. But he's not ready to accept that horrible possibility.

"I have no thought on any of that until the whole thing comes out, until they finally figure out why that happened," said Roy Jenkins.

Investigators are also checking whether one of the accused Marines, Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, had ties to the violent Crips gang.
I've heard a bit about the Crips, a mob that operates on the west coast.

What's really horrifying about the wife's rape and murder at the hands of these savages is that it's vaguely reminiscient of the Muslim mindset: she was murdered for daring to marry a white man.
None of the suspects has entered a plea. They have already ratted out [Emrys] John as the triggerman who shot the Pietrzaks in the back of their heads, prosecutors said.

All the suspects admit that Quiana was sexually assaulted, but with a possible death penalty hanging over their heads, none is admitting to attacking her.
Since all four of the suspects took part in the rape and murder, all four of them should be given the death sentence for their crime. Period. Chain them and throw them into a deep ravine with jagged rocks, or better yet, throw them into a flaming lava pit.

But it's a foregone conclusion that charlatans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will not say a genuine word about this case, one more reason why violent crimes like these are likely to continue.

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