Friday, October 10, 2008

Hope for defeating Obama

An email from PHForAmerica.com

Our TV ad, which went on the air last week, was on YouTube for 3 months and garnered over 4 million hits, far more than any other 527 TV ad. We have one-minute and two-minute ads featuring footage of Obama mocking and ridiculing the Bible, and condescendingly telling Americans that they don't understand the Bible as wisely as he [Obama] does. Despite being on the air, the Obama campaign incredibly is claiming in their "Fight the Smears" website that we are NOT really on the air and are scamming contributors. We hit them back with a press release [see attached] detailing where our ads are airing now and on which shows [if you are unable to open the attachment, please write back and we'll send it in the body of another e-mail]. This press release also exposed the Obama campaign as liars for claiming our ad would never air. We began airing in Pennsylvania, and are hoping to continue to raise enough money to go into more key swing states that are now leaning towards Obama.

Despite Obama pulling ahead of McCain in the last few weeks, he still only leads McCain by 5 points, and his lead in 11 key swing states [Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina] is five points or less in each state. All those voters who were with McCain a few weeks ago but have switched to Obama could easily switch back to McCain if they are given a compelling enough reason not to vote for Obama. Obama's support in all these swing states where he is currently leading is very soft.

The Obama campaign is petrified at the fact that our ad is now airing on TV after it received 4 million hits on YouTube in 3 month, far more than any other political ad. The Obama campaign also realizes that our ad is striking a chord. And they also realize that the other 527 ads being used against Obama, as well as the McCain camping ads are all very ineffective, mostly using ideological issues; whereas our ad will appeal to voters of ALL political persuasions who go to church or synagogue and read the Bible. The Obama campaign is going to do everything in their power to discredit our 527 group between now and the election, hoping when the truth comes out it will be too late.

We are going to air our ads in blue-collar states that are leaning towards Obama right now, but are possible McCain takeaways, since the swing voters who will decide who wins those states are white, blue-collar Democrats who sometimes vote Republican; what they used to call "Reagan Democrats." These voters are now leaning towards Obama, but they are leery of him and have their doubts. Hopefully this ad will convince enough of these voters in the key states to abandon Obama, once they see the side of him exposed in our ad that they've never seen before.

These white blue-collar voters in all the key swing states are church-going folks who take the Bible seriously. Because of this, we believe our ad is the only 527 ad that could make a difference in this election. Obama is pulling ahead day by day, and now has a slight lead in states that two weeks ago seemed a lock for McCain [Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina]. We believe the only thing that can stop Obama [besides McCain hopefully becoming more aggressive in his attacks against Obama] is our ad.

If this ad is seen by all the swing voters in all the key swing states, it would not only anger anyone who reads the Bible, but will make anyone who sees the ad re-think the Jeremiah Wright fiasco as well as Obama's remarks in April that "small town America" is so bitter that they have to "cling to their guns and religion."

Most Americans have thus far given Obama a pass on those two issues, but after seeing our ad, it will make many, if not most folks think "Now I finally understand why Obama would belong to such a radical church", and "Now I finally understand Obama's true contempt for people of faith regarding his 'cling to their guns and religion' remark."

I believe you will agree that this ad needs to be aired as much as possible in as many key states as possible in order to have any impact on the election and stop what today appears to be Barack Obama's inevitable victory.

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