Thursday, October 09, 2008

Farrakhan calls Obama "The Messiah"

Nice. Anti-Semites of the world Unite...

I am still stunned at the seeming epidemic of suicidal cluelessness which is seemingly so widespread in this country (far be it for the media to overstate Obama's true popularity.

Voting is a privilege, not human birthright; yet most Americans seem blissfully unaware that their votes are a 50/50 shot to be rendered worthless, should the Obammunists win. It is quite evident that they are spending money (foreign money?) massively trying to rig the game via ACORN and their other surrogates; just imagine what they can rig once they got to the catbird seat.

People seem to think that things cannot get any worse than they are now. Right.
Things could get a LOT worse, and not just economically. If America does not collectively snap out of it, and wake the hell up from this nightmare over the next three weeks, an economic crisis of confidence could quickly become an existential one.

And the most frightening thing is that Obama just the guy who can bring about that outcome; worse, the terminally clueless and their media cheerleaders seem poised to "make it so."

There is still time, but it is becoming very precious. As is, I fear, our very freedom itself.

UPDATE: RELIAPUNDIT ADDS: I'm glad this video is out. I posted on this speech EIGHT MONTHS ago here.