Monday, April 14, 2008


Leftists like Obama and Frank basically argue that working class people are manipulated into inauthenticity and goaded to care more about phony issues like religion and guns. They'd support the leftist economic policies which are good for them if they'd would just ignore the Right. Then they'd see what's really good for them.


As Hayek wrote - and as Reagan and Thatcher and Deng Xiao Ping and others proved: socialism is NOT good economic policy.

The poor and working class are better served by policies which increase economic growth and overall prosperity, and are NOT served well by the class warfare and redistribution schemes favored by the left.

Raising taxes and then redistributing the increased revenues - or as Michelle Obama put it: making one person's slice of pie smaller so another person's slice can be bigger - is simply NOT good economic policy.

Most people know this fact. this truth, and they are not "inauthentic" because they know the truth. They have not been hoodwinked or bamboozled by the Right.

They simply know history and the truth.

The Left is in denial about this truth, and are simply out-of-step with the majority of Americans on this - for good reason: Most Americans want opportunity not a handout.

The more accurate analysis is this one: when it comes to socialism, most of the working class accepts economic reality, (that socialism sucks), while the Left is entirely in denial.

For Obama to connect with the part of America who he alienated by his comments, he has to stop blaming the Right and start looking inside his tortured self. Nothing could better illustrate the inner turmoil of Obama than the fact that while he attacked people for clinging to religion and protectionism (because they've been made bitter and been duped), he himself claims to be religious and anti-free-trade! Obama's contradictions and hypocrisy reveal that unconsciously the he knows the Left has been made obsolete by history, and he's having a tough time accepting this fact. Like the rest of the vestigial Left.

And, the Left is not just out-pf-step with middle America on economic issues.

The Gramscian Agenda the Left pursues is also out-of-step with most Americans -- whether the agenda is aggressively pursued - through gay marriage and distributing condoms in elementary schools or by attacking religion in the public square and attacking the centrality of Judeo-Christian values and of Natural Law in our nation's founding documents, or whether it's pursued subtly - by the outrageous anti-American and anti-traditional-values crap which is incessantly produced by the MSM (Hollywood etc), even though there's a huge market for more wholesome fare.

Most Americans are turned off by these attacks on their traditional values. And telling them that they're dupes or regressive or passe ain't gonna make them turn left!

BOTTOM-LINE: What all this means is simple: The Left has it all wrong; the Left wants the government to aggressively push "progressivism" in the social realm, and a government which is VERY involved in the marketplace.

What works is the opposite: a laissez faire economic policy, and a government which doesn't interfere with families trying to impart their traditional values to the next generation.

This is not just good government and good good for American valuers, it is good politics.

Only after Leftists awaken from their denial can THEY become more authentic and become better able to connect better with their fellow Americans.

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