Friday, January 04, 2008

Is Barack Obama the Presidential version of Ned Lamont?

Does anyone still remember Ned Lamont?

Ned Lamont - the leftist dove - defeated Joe Lieberman in the primary, only to lose in the general election - to er um Joe, the much more centrist hawk.

Obama - (who campaigned for Ned and AGAINST Joe!) - may end up doing the same thing in the presidential race.

Obama - the dove (he is most proud of the fact that he opposed the Iraq War from the start) - looks like he will defeat Hillary -- (who - Obama keeps reminding everyone - voted for the war, and even said she'd keep SOME troops in Iraq) -- in the primaries, and win a place on the ballot in November.

But then he would most certainly lose to a relatively more centrist hawk in the general election.

Any one.

Even a Republican one.

Like the centrist hawk McCain - for whom Joe is tirelessly stumping in NH, and where (because the primary is an open one) he is likely taking votes away from... er um Obama.

YES: I think Obama is this year's Lamont. (And maybe McCain is this year's Lieberman, though it could also be Romney or Rudy).

Goody! BRING. HIM. ON!

IOW: "Senator Lamont, meet President Obama."

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