Friday, November 09, 2007


Melanie Phillips has a new article in City Journal about the scary rise of anti-semitism in Britain and where its roots could date back to.

Regarding the beginning description of an anti-semitic assault, on a 12-year-old girl on a London bus, here's the original report, via Greetings from the French Hill. Ugh, these are clearly not people I'd want to be around. The main attacker wore a chain? That suggests punk subculture was involved here, something Britain's had way too much of since the late 1970s.

But have their been any arrests made in any of these incidents? If the following report from the Telegraph (via Tim Blair) is any indication, the short answer is no:
The CPS report revealed that not a single person accused of an anti-Semitic crime had been prosecuted on a charge of religiously aggravated offending. It said: "The police statistics include incidents where no defendant has been identified or where there is insufficient evidence for a prosecution."
And a rabbi who was assaulted by some Pakistani hoodlums said that:
"We identified the youths and told the police but they were never prosecuted. They just did not seem interested. I feel very let down."
What is the use for Jews to continue living in a house of horror like what England is now if the authorities will do little to nothing to enforce the law convincingly? They'd be advised to pack their bags and travel to here. Or, if they want to continue living in Europe, maybe they should go to Italy and follow the example of some Britons who went to live there as well, where it's usually much safer.

There is nothing worth staying for in England anymore as far as I'm concerned. To all concerned who're still deluding themselves by living there - please, do yourselves a favor and go, if anywhere, to where there's more common sense. England is not where you'll find it. Certainly not today.

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