Tuesday, June 19, 2007

They Take Liberalism Seriously

The University of Chicago sent my mate and I a generic College survey asking generic questions about our opinion of our son's college experience.

We come to the usual race class and gender questions such as:
This college is a place where...
students of all religious backgrounds can feel welcome

people of all economic backgrounds can feel welcome

people of different sexual orientations can feel welcome

people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds can feel welcome
However, this last one really surprised me and my mate.
This college is a place where people with differing political points of view can feel welcome.
Fortunately our answer was AGREE strongly. At Chicago they take liberalism seriously.

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Pastorius said...

Do Conservatives feel welcome?

M. Simon said...

I can't speak for Conservatives.

We tend to be libertarian oriented Republicans. (as is my son last time I checked). I felt right at home.

In addition I wore my US Navy T-shirt to the Graduate School of Business Party (built where my old dorm used to be) and only got the occasional funny look. Otherwise I was ignored in the rush for the free food and champagne. Which I consider the proper attitude.

I heartily recommend UChicago graduation parties if you are in the neighborhood.