Tuesday, June 19, 2007


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially decided to stop pretending to be what he never was in the first place: a Republican.

Now the lifelong Democrat is a registered "Independent," which means he wants to be a Democrat but keep his "moderate" street-cred. I don't blame Rudy or any of the others who supported Bloomberg in 2001, (he was running against Mark Green, after all) but now it's time to get scared. My first inclination is to not give a damn about anything Michael Bloomberg says or does, but if he has his way, he'll do exactly what H. Ross Perot did; make sure a Clinton is elected president.

G-d help us.


Reliapundit said...

yes, he could perotize the race.

but, he said he's through with politics/govt and is gonna devote himself to charity.

we shall see,

anyhow, i think when obama caves, gore jumps in.

and it's gore/obama versus fred & rudy or fred & mitt.

Jim Rose said...

You think Gore could beat Hillary? I have to admit, I'd love to see him enter the race, that would be just too entertaining.

Reliapundit said...

tipper would make him do it

Blog Dude said...

Do you really think Bloomberg will skim votes away from... let's say Fred Thompson?
I'm thinking a Bloomberg Independent run will hurt Hillary.
Looking at Perot - back then - George Bush #1 pissed a lot of conservatives off by his no new taxes blunder.
Ross Perot was so radically different - I don't see Bloomberg being that character to shake things up like Perot did.

I just don't see Bloomberg pulling any RED state votes - I see him hurting Blue State votes. Hurting Hillary.

Now I don't doubt Al Gore jumps in as an independent - just to hurt Hillary - they don't respect each other at all! This would really crush Hillary.
In my opinion.

Reliapundit said...

i think that a three way race always helps the one who can't get more than 50% - like hillary.

bloomie would give some anti-clinton folks a place to hang their hats. rather than hold their noses and vote gop. especially if they're pissed at the gop. bloomie is more of a threat than ronpaul.

i've lived in nyny since '78.
rudy was great. bloomie sux.

i think gore runs as a dem. w/barack. or nelson of fla. or bill richardson.

i think fred wins a 2-way race with either mitt or rudy.

mitt would make fine treas sec or wh chief of staff.

rudy could be veep and sec of dhs.

i'd vote for any gop over all the dems. tho i like joe lieb. he should switch parties.

Dionne said...

Yah, nothing likable about Bloomberg at all, no loss to the Republican party.

I am a little concerned about him being a Ross Perot only because of how much money he has. Otherwise, I don't see him as that appealing or likable.

Reliapundit said...

der cud be tree newyawkas in da race: bloomie; hill and rudy.



Reliapundit said...

i tawt about it.

not likely.

thop' nutin cud stop bloomie. if he wants to run.

and rudy and hill are now favored.

i think it is moire likely that we get two Tennesseans.