Thursday, May 17, 2007

Probably *not* coming soon to a theater near you

The EU is a bit pleased with itself as some films it has part-funded are airing at the Cannes Film Festival, and rather thrilling they all sound too:

Here are some 'highlights':

Auf der Anderen Seite by Fatih Akin (MEDIA support €70,139) - Six characters seek forgiveness and reconciliation between Germany and Turkey. (I wonder if they succeed, or whether that is for AdAS II?)

La Soledad by Jaime Rosales (€50,000) - In Madrid the destinies of four women meet. (Gosh, that sets the pulse racing.)

Garage by Lenny Abrahamson (€23,857) – A small town misfit working in an Irish petrol station, comically searches for love, acceptance and the best place to display the motor oil. (Oh dear, that sounds 'wacky').

La question humaine by Nicolas Klotz (€25,000) - A human resource manager in a multinational who is losing his mind is told by his manager to psychologically assess the company's general manager. (And they get a full 90 minutes or so out of this?)

Tout est pardonné by Mia Hansen-Løve (€37,498) – When an Austrian couple move to Paris with their young daughter the family splits. Twelve years later, the daughter goes to see her drug addict father in Paris. (And this was only 53% as worthy as the film at the top? )

What, no films about ennui among Bulgarian turnip pickers? I suspect that none of these will be challenging for inclusion in the list of highest grossing films of all time.

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