Thursday, May 17, 2007


Mr. Chávez is carrying out what may become the largest forced land redistribution in Venezuela’s history, building utopian farming villages for squatters, lavishing money on new cooperatives and sending army commando units to supervise seized estates in six states. ... Mr. Chávez’s supporters have formed thousands of state-financed cooperatives to wrest farms and cattle ranches from private owners. Landowners say compensation is hard to obtain. Local officials describe the land seizures as paving stones on “the road to socialism.”

“This is agrarian terrorism encouraged by the state,” said Fhandor Quiroga, a landowner and head of Yaracuy’s chamber of commerce, pointing to dozens of kidnappings of landowners by armed gangs in the last two years.
IT'S BIZARRE, TRULY. THIS STUFF HAS NEVER WORKED ANYWHERE; in fact, China was a starving nation until Teng Shao Peng adopted de-socialization policies in the 1980's. Chavez is doing to Venezuela what Mugabe did to Rhodesia - (once a RICH food exporting nations aNd now a poor starving socialist hell hole!), and Castro to Cuba (once the second richest nations in the Caribbean and now the second poorest. Only Haiti is poorer.)

And the NYTIMES!? They make the point in the article that what Chavez is doing is legal.

This from the same folks who WHINED and CRIED "CRIME!!!!!" as they exposed the NSA Intercept program - which has probably prevented jihado-terror attacks here and abroad. Sheesh.

This is sadly typical of most Lefties here, who are almost all very supportive of REAL tyrants like Chavez and Castro, as they deride Bushitler.

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