Friday, February 02, 2007


Since the Camp David Accords, the USA has given Egypt 50 BILLION dollars in aid.

To SAVE MUSLIMS in Kosovo from genocide at the hands of Milosevic, the socialist and racist president of Serbia, the US bombed Serbia; this cost the US 12 BILLION. Then we spent billions more on a peace-keeping force.

The Gulf War - which we organized in order to save the MUSLIMS OF KUWAIT - cost the US $60 Billion - 54 billion was eventually reimbursed; NET COST to the USA: $6 BILLION.

We kept US troops in Saudi Arabia - to protect them and their oil fields from Saddam - and Iran - (oil fields which Europe depends on much MUCH more than the USA). All totaled, about 20,000 U.S. service personnel... and about 80 U.S. Air Force planes and about 35 U.S. Navy ships. TOTAL COST of protecting Persian Gulf Oil (owned by MUSLIMS and profited on by MUSLIMS) , about $40 BILLION PER YEAR.

Now comes word that Bush is asking for another 250 BILLION to spend in the region in ways that benefit the region's MUSLIMS. Some estimate this war and occupation/transformation will end up costing the USA ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

So... if we add up all the aid and monies spent to protect Muslims it comes to about 1 TRILLION and 500 MILLION dollars. THAT'S $1,500,000,000,000.

Nearly 4000 US troops have died in battles to defend Muslims - including the Marines who died while peace-keeping in Lebanon in the 1980's. Ten's of thousands have been injured. Millions have risked their lives.


Israel has received in the same time-frame about 100 Billion.

And not a single US soldier has died defending Israel.

NOW TELL ME.... do you think this is proves that the Israel Lobby, that nefarious group of Zionists who run the USA and the IMF (and Bilderberg!) runs US foreign policy!?!?

It seems to me that US foreign policy and aid and military does more to protect Muslims and Arabs than it does to help Israel. BUT THAT'S JUST THE FACTS.

So, when anti-Semites like Michael Moore and Jimmy Carter and Cindy Sheehan tell you otherwise - when they parrot or excuse similar comments made by Ahmadinejad and Bin Laden and Nasrallah - you should tell them they're wrong on the facts. The USA has done MORE to aid Muslims and Arabs that Jews and Israelis. 150 times more! And no soldiers have died defending Israel.

And if they don't like it then they can go to hell.

(And to the Leftie NUTS who argue that we overthrew Saddam FOR Israel - at the behest of neo-cons and Likudniks: tell them that even without the costs of the Iraq War, the USA has spent more of it's treasure on Arabs and Muslims than on Israel! And then they can go to hell, too!)

[Facts on aid to Israel HERE.]


ff11 said...

I'm sure those Muslims wouldn't mind if we helped them a little less. Say if we were to not spend the hunderds and hundreds of millions of dollars on the bombs we drop on them, the bullets we shoot them with, the aircraft that drop those bombs on them, the aircraft carriers that carry those bombers, and the troops that sail the ships, fly the bombers, and fire the guns.

I don't think they would complain if we "withheld" such help.

tm said...

In other words, we've given twice as much in aid to Israel then we've given to any other country in the ME. Interesting.

Reliapundit said...

actualy since camp david egypt has gotten just about the same amount as israel.

Israel's cumulative amount since 1948 is higher egypt was a soviet ally for many years and got nothing from the usa.

we aided west germany more than east germany or spain after ww3. allies get more.

FF11: if we didn
t intervene in serbia MILLION of MULSIMS would have died.

neither the USA or NATO has EVER intervened to save Israelis.

boht the USA and NATO have intervened to stop Israelis from achieving total victory over the jihadists who seek to destroy her though. in 1973 n the hizballah war, for example.

saddam - on average - killed mopre iraqis each year than have died each year since his overthrow.

most iraqis are being killed by OTHER FUCKING MUSLIMS and not the USA.

you leftie anti-war scum are ignorant shitheads who support the enemies of liberty and peace.

Reliapundit said...

the UMMAH gets much more in aid than Israel.

US troops have DIED protecting the UMMAH; they have never died protecting Israel.

The US has NEVER intervened militarily to protect Israel; it has intervened to protect MUSLIMS MANY TIMES.

ff11 said...

Interesting, why don't we send the Iraqis a bill for all the bombs we dropped on them?

And why do you keep bringing up Israel? How are they related to the issue at hand? But since you are so obsessed with Israel, let me remind you that we have never delivered their military aid so directly. We generally give them money to buy their weapons, we don't drop bombs on them and tally the cost as aid.

Yes, neither the US or NATO has ever "directly and overtly" intervened militarily on Israel's behalf (although there has been PLENTY of intervention in the way of military, diplomatic, and intelligence support), but neither NATO nor the US has ever intervened to save anyone FROM Israel either (including US servicemen). So spare me the self righteous drivel.

We do plenty to protect and support Israel, and none of it costs Israeli lives.