Friday, February 02, 2007


POPINJAY: And you were worried about Hugo Chavez...

Video via YouTube.

If the Republicans don't get serious and field a candidate with media savvy and a story the Americans want to tell themselves, Hilary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Check out the look on her face when she says, "... the highest profits in the history of the world." She has a self-satisfied look of sarcastic bemusement on her face, as if we should all agree with her that a corporation does not have a right to make such profits.

Profits ought to be celebrated. They are evidence of success. It ought to go without saying, but it doesn't for Hilary, that we want corporations to make a healthyprofit. If all corporations failed to make a profit, we would be in a depression.

Watch this video. Honestly, I am astounded.
RELIAPUNDIT ADDS: This BS from Hillary is SOCIALISM pure & simple, and socialism is the road to serfdom. In her heart, Hillary is a socialist; hence this BS and Hillarycare; it's just how she thinks, PERIOD.

If this collectivist BS could ever work, then why did the USSR and China fail so miserably under it, and why have Cuba and Zimbabwe descended into poverty because of it? SO, WHY IS IT STILL A POPULAR POLITICAL PLOY? Because the demagogues who rant about it always make it seem like they're TAKING away from someone else in order to give it to YOU... er um for the "COMMON GOOD." Yeah right.

I'd like to remind everyone that as a percentage of gross sales profits at oil companies WERE LOWER than many other industries, so they are NOT PROFITEERING!

And ask yourself this: WHO KNOWS BETTER HOW TO INVEST IN THE ENERGY SOURCES OF TOMORROW, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS, OR BUSINESS PEOPLE IN THE ENERGY BUSINESS? In other words: instead of taking away the profits of the energy companies, let them re-invest their profits however they want. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING WHEN IT COMES TO ENERGY. Sheesh!

Lefties like Hillary infuriate me: they want to wreck our economy by raising taxes and appease the enemy. They're bad for national prosperity AND national security. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Now watch Hillary ....


Pastorius said...

As I understand it, the oil companies share of the profits is miniscule compared to the taxes that are already taken from each dollar worth of gas.

Reliapundit said...

good point: they pay more taxes than their profits.

hillary is a collectivist piece of shit. she and her ilk must be stopped. remember: hitler, stalin, arafat, saddam, fidel, mugabe, chavez - are LIKE hillary - ALL SOCIALISTS.