Saturday, February 17, 2007


The U.S. House voted for a defeat in Iraq yesterday.

Only 2 Democrats showed they had courage:
Representative Jim Marshall
Representative Gene Taylor

17 Republicans showed they had no spine:
Representative James T. Walsh
Representative Walter Jones
Representative Wayne Gilchrest
Representative Michael Castle
Representative Richard (Ric) Keller
Representative Philip Sheridan English
Representative Ronald Ernest Paul
Representative Frederick Stephen Upton
Representative Thomas M. Davis
Representative Mark Kirk
Representative Howard Coble
Representative John J. Duncan Jr.
Representative James Ramstad
Representative Steven C. LaTOURETTE
Representative Robert Inglis
Representative Timothy V. Johnson
Representative Thomas Petri


John Samhain said...

Sickening that there are only 17 representatives of the Old Right.

Every single other republican is a Christ-Killer in bed with the money-changing communist jew.

Reliapundit said...


so stunningly ignorant and confused and contradictory only an idiot could believe it.

an idiot so confused he claims to be a PAGAN who hates Christianity (because it Judaized Europe - which in his idiotic mind was better BEFORE it was Christian), yet berates Jews for killing Christ (though it was the Pagan Romans!).

i have previously challenged this idiot to name one Pagan who has accomplished anything for Europe or anywhere else - name just ONE who won a Nobel prize in any category, or was a sport legend, or a military hero, or a great artist.

ic challenged this idiot to start his own pro-Pagan antiJew blog.

but instead he posts his idiotic filth here.


he exposes the idiocy of anti-Semites better than anything we could VERE do!

thanks john samhain!

John Samhain said...

I am not a pagan.
Jesus was not a jew, he was a hebrew, a hebrew who hated Pharisees, which are the modern day jews.

Imagine a "terrorist" toppling over Greenspan the money changer's table.

If Christ were alive today he'd be in jail for thought crime and holocaust denial.

The Iraq war is an anti-Christian war. Bush is not a Christian. If Muslims impose "Dhimmi" rule on their non-muslim subjects, the same is said for Jews and their "Noachide" rule in the US; which says the name of who they regard as the "false prophet" is to be unspoken. When is the last time the words "Jesus Christ" were heard from Bush's lips? Sure we hear plenty of "god", but "god" is Kosher.

I sympathize with indigenous European folkways like many of the early Christians, who I guess did not get the word of the magnificence of the thousands of other messiahs: serpent-tounged money-changing messiahs.

Reliapundit said...

js wrote:

"Jesus was not a jew..."


he was a GOOD JEW. Like his mommy and daddy.

js wrote:

"Bush is not a Christian"


as for noachide law: which of them do you NOT like!?!! almost every culture/civilization accepts them all - cause they're so damn basic.


you need help john. you are a misinformed and confused and unnecessarily hateful person.

get some help - and get some facts.