Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is good news, considering how Prodi, the minute he was in office, quickly revealed what a dhimmi he is:
ROME - Premier Romano Prodi resigned Wednesday after nine months in office following an embarrassing loss by his center-left government in the Senate on foreign policy, including Italy's military mission in Afghanistan. [...] The loss, by two votes in the Senate, came on a bid by Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema to rally the often bickering partners in the coalition, which range from Christian Democrats to Communists. He was hoping to the allies would close ranks in the vote on foreign policy, including Italy's military mission in Afghanistan, but his bid backfired.

"Foreign police involves the role and image of Italy in the world and the life of our soldiers committed to international peace mission," said conservative opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi, whom Prodi had defeated in elections in April. The loss meant Prodi had the "obligation" to resign, Berlusconi insisted. Italy has 1,800 troops in Afghanistan, which were sent in by Berlusconi. The current government has agreed to keep the troops there, sparking opposition from its own Communist allies. [...] A centrist opposition leader, Pier Ferdinando Casini, said it would be tough for Prodi to try to put together a new government.

"He pretends not to see" his problems in mustering a majority, Casini said in an interview on state TV. "If he wants to go ahead, good luck" in trying to form a new government, but "the country is paying the price, Casini said. While Prodi's forces had a razor-thin majority on paper in the Senate, which failed to come through for him in Wednesday's vote, his coalition partners have a more comfortable margin in the lower Chamber of Deputies.
Berlusconi may have a good chance of being reelected too. As for Prodi, the really atrocious thing about his policies is how this very same politician who opposed the war in Afghanistan and Iraq was willing on the other hand to send troops to Lebanon, yet not to take down the Hezbollah. What's the point of sending troops to Lebanon if they are unable to fulfill a good deed by ridding the world of terrorist scum?
Update: at this moment, Prodi's full resignation still isn't certain, as the president has tried to talk him out of it. I'll have to look for some more news soon to be sure.
Update 2: The Telegraph says that there may be interim government formed in the time being.


Jim Rose said...

That's great news!

Avi Green said...

And very fortunate too. Thank goodness.