Thursday, January 26, 2006


Before the election, Israel had no partner for a negotiated settlement, and it still doesn't have one.
Arafat said he recognized israel and then secretly ran a terror campaign to destroy Israel.

Abbas was either ineffective, or willingly allowed the terrorists REMAIN ARMED and to attack Israel however and whenever they wanted.

Now - through elections - Hamas gets control of the so called "Palestinian's" so called "government" and I predict that - effectively speaking - they will do the same things as Arafat and Abbas: claim they have reformed and claim they are willing to negotiate, but continue to attempt to destroy Israel and to continue to commit genocidal terror against Israelis.
Israel has only one way forward (KADIMA is hebrew for "forward"):

To continue to do what it has been doing for the last few years: to unilaterally disengage according to parameters which are solely in its own interest and to build a wall keeping Palistinians out, and to monitor all transport and communications into and out of Arab Palestine. And to retaliate with extreme force to any attack or any provocation of any attack.
NOTE: Hamas may claim to reform (as Arafat did) - in order to get funding from the USA and the EU and the UN, but their members - and the members of the other jihadoterrorist groups - won't suddenly become believers in (or practioners of) peaceful co-existence. The children these Arabs have raised to proudly become "human-guided/genocidal missiles" will not suddenly become doves or lambs. The war will go on.

FURTHER NOTE: I predict that Israel will IMMEDIATELY, AND WITH ALL DUE HASTE, move toward total and final separation by closing down the less defendable West Bank settlements and finishing and fortifying the "wall of separation." This will be along a line of Israel's choosing and it will include all of Jerusalem.WHY?! So that they will be in the BEST POSSIBLE militarily defensive position to withstand the "firestorm" which will be ignited when they and/or the US demolish Iran's nuke program and destroy Iran's offensive military capability. The pre-emptive attack against Iran will occur as soon as this is completed.

UPDATE: There's an UPSIDE to this election result: after the next jihadoterrorist attack, Hamas biggies will be much easier for the IDF to assassinate - unless they intend to rule from a bunker!


(1) Former ISA head and new Kadima Knesset candidate Avi Dichter announced that Israel would continue to fight any Hamas member who engages in terrorism, even if he is a cabinet member.

(2) Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu told the Likud faction in the Knesset Thursday, "Before our very eyes, Hamastan has been established, the step-child of Iran and the Taliban. It's in firing range of our airport, our highways and cities.
Things will get worse before they get better: Hamas and ther other jihadoterrorist groups - with the assistance of Iran and Syria - will attempt to topple Israel by ever great attacks. Israel will respond with ever greater retaliations until the jihadoterrorist group are smashed utterly. There is no place for the jihadoterrorists to hide, anymore - they cannot hide behind Arafat's skirt or behind 2nd class citizen status anymore. They run the show, and when Israel gets attacked from their territories, they will be whacked like they've never been before - or ever dreamed possible. And thta's a good thing: Dead terrorists are harmless terrorists.

Ultimately, only the destruction of the mullah tyranny in Iran and the Baathist tyranny in Syria will bring peace and co-existence to the Holy Land. This will certainly happen before 2008 - because George will not leave it to another president to worry about; he will face up to the inevitable on his watch.

I expect Assad to be overthrown sooner rather than later. And then I expect Kim Jong Il to fold. Then, Saddam will be executed, and we will be able to turn our full attention to Iran - as soon as this summer; as late as the summer of '08. Stay tuned...


Pastorius said...

Hey Reliapundit,
Considering that you think a strike against Iran will wait until the wall is completed, that means you think it is at least six months away.

How much confidence do you have that we have that much time?

Anonymous said...

we are one day closer to peace...

or war.

Reliapundit said...

we will not strike until the MOST opportune time.

that measn after assad is gone and noko rapped up and saddam executed.

between 6 months and a year.

between then and now we will keep iran off-stride with (1) unsc stuff and (2) special ops attacks inside iran, and (3) conflicting statements or our own (like saying the use military force is off the table).

stay tuned...