Monday, December 11, 2006


Kofi Annan used the opportunity of a farewell speech to lambaste the United States, the ultimate source of most of the lucre he and his henchman have undoubtedly skimmed from the UN's "Koffers" during his tenure.

He published an op-ed version of his speech in the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, let us reflect on some of his other accomplishments at the UN:
1) Facilitating the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 when as UN official in charge of peacekeeping, he ordered General Dallaire's "peacekeepers" to stand down.

2) Serial episodes of rape and pedophilia by UN peacekeepers in Africa and Asia.

3) A well-orchestrated orgy of anti-Semitism at the Durban Conference on Racism.

4) Arranging the Oil-for-Food scam ("UNSCAM") which may very well be the most extensive and lucrative act of official corruption in the world's entire history. Not to mention the corrupt involvement of his son, Kojo.

5) Facilitating the Srebrenica massacre in 1995.

6) Facilitating genocide in Darfur by appeasing the Sudanese jihadi government and janjaweed militias.

7) Helping Hezbollah terrorists during the 2006 fighting in Lebanon.
That's a mere "magnificent seven" for a start. I'm sure that the other Astute Bloggers and our Astute Readers can add to this hasty list.

It amazes me that Kofi Annan is invited to speak anywhere other than from the defendant's table in court.


northern seer said...

regarding #5 srebenica:

the dutch government had the callous audacity to award medals to their cowardly troops who did nothing to hinder the massacre. And these 'soldiers' accepted the medals...


Reliapundit said...

from the jawa report:

Good Riddance, You Worthless Piece of Garbage

Fare thee well to the leftwing whoremongering, wholly-incompetent, impotent, nepotist-bribe-facilitating, Oil-for-Food-money-swindling, worm-headed, limp-wristed, scandal-condoning, unaccountable, anti-Semitic, anti-American, rapist-coddling, terrorist-supporting scum-sucking head sh*tbird of the Useless Nitwits.

You won't be missed. Feel free to leave your sentiments in the comments for this miserable, pathetic waste of oxygen.
By Good Lt