Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Everyone should be aware of the Holocaust Conference being sponsored by Iran, and of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's numerous declarations that Israel will be wiped of the map etc.

Without wading into that debate I would like to examine the Holocaust in the context of the current situation. And where are we today? After thousands of years of bloody history, capped by a century which included death and destruction on a horrendous scale, we live in an era that is on the brink...of what? Probably on the brink of something even more horrendous.

It's ironic that now, in many ways, the Islamic Fundamentalist Jihad actually fufills many of the attributes which anti-Semites ascribed to Jews in the various conspiracy theories which enabled the Holocaust: that Jews conspired to control the world, that Jews had all the money, that Jews had a clandestine network etc. etc.

Today the oil producing nations have the money! Today the Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab League, and al Qaeda are the visible parts of a clandestine network bent on destroying the USA, Israel, and western civilisation! And the Jihadists openly proclaim that they intend to resurrect the Caliphate and subdue the non-believers!

The disease of Islamic-Fascism will not be defeated unless it is eliminated. We have waited 5 years since 9/11, and we have seen that the Islamic world is unable to rid itself of this cancer. Sooner or later we will have to face the enemy and decimate their ranks.

Until then - Ahmadinejad and al Qaeda and the rest of the terrorists can be comforted by the fact that the story of the Holocaust - because this crime weighs so heavily upon the West - hinders the Western leaders from taking the kind of terrible action necessary to eliminate the threat they pose to the West.

We know what terrible deeds mankind is capable of. We know how terrible war and murder is - and our enemy celebrates murder in the name of Jihad. Some of us are ashamed of our past glories - nor accept the burdens of our power. Our enemies interpret this trepidation as a sign of weakness.

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Reliapundit said...

while the holocaust weighs heavily on the West, the true moment when the West became cowardly and self-loathing was at the end of WW1. The huge horrors of WW1 demoralized the entire West and created post-modernism - the root ideology which hobbles us to this day.

P-M holds that the West is the root of all global pverty and most of the world's genocide, historically speaking. BOTH ARE FACTUALLY FALSE. Contemporary P-M'ers also hold that the West is killing the planet via "man-made" global warming. ANOTHER FALSEHOOD.

EVenm the art woprld was destroyed by WW1 - which gave rise to dada and surrealism and the idea that the artist was a cultural terrorist/revolutionary.

the holocaust is a factpr, but WW1 is the root cause.

i do agree that the ahmadinejad crowd is much more like the stereotypical JOOOO-ZIONIST-CONSPIRATOR than real jews or Israelis. GOOD POINT!

Blaming th jooooze is more popular than ever in the USA - with Baker and the ISG crowd and the Mearsheimer gang and Buchanan. And the Democrat Party of Congress: fully 1/3 routinely vote against Israel: 99% of the CBC and ALL the lefist moonbats.