Thursday, July 20, 2006


Tonight I feel that Israel might be MUCH closer to a vctory over Hizb'Allah than anybody thinks. WHY? The naysayers are back! As Jack Shafer wrote in 2003:
The Leading Indicator of Victory

When Johnny Apple says we're thwarted, we must be on the verge of winning.

By Jack Shafer -
Updated Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 2:09 PM ET

The best news to greet coalition forces all week comes in the form of an R.W. "Johnny" Apple Jr. piece in today's New York Times ("Iraqis Learn the Lessons of How U.S. Fights Wars"). Apple plots Saddam Hussein's learning curve and salutes the shrewdness of the Iraqi's battlefield tactics, a bit of emerging conventional wisdom shared by the Washington Post's Vernon Loeb today ("Tactics Show Iraqis Learned Lessons of War").

But while Loeb charts the specific lessons absorbed by the Iraqi military, Apple dribbles out generalities to communicate Saddam's tactical genius and the prospects for an American debacle...
They said the Taliban would defeat us - that we couldn't fight in the Afghan winter or the Afghan mountains! Johnny Apple - the NYTIMES most esteemed foreign correspondant also felt we would lose against the Taliban, and campared Afghanistan to Vietnam.

They said we couldn't defeat Saddam. Then - after we kicked his butt - they said the Iraqis would fail to construct their own constitution and fail to elect a government.

Now the Left is questioning whether the IDF can defeat Hizb'Allah; HAARETZ:
Hezbollah is still showing no signs of breaking

By Amos Harel

It was a bad news day. In the morning, Israeli forces in Lebanon clashed with Hezbollah near Avivim. Two soldiers were killed. In the afternoon, Hezbollah began to shell the entire northern region heavily. Scores of Katyusha rockets were fired and two children from Nazareth were killed. For eight days, the Israel Defense Forces has been pounding Lebanon and dropping thousands of tons of bombs on it, yet Hezbollah remains the same intransigent rival as before. It is showing no signs of breaking - [umph added].
This is a sure sign Israel is winning - and may be just days, or just 50 tons of bombs - FROM VICTORY. Why am I so sure? Two resons: One, the Left is always wrong; and Two, Israel can keep fighting until Hizb'Allah runs out of weaponry. The reverse is IMPOSSIBLE. And the pace of IDF attacks - and the tonnage - will increase EVERYDAY until the enemy is defeated. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: More proof Israel PROPERLY is kicking ass: ALL of the continental European papers have condemned Israel.

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