Sunday, December 25, 2005


The frontpage of the NYTIMES "SUNDAY STYLES" section features a HUGE 3/4-page photo of an UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREE, and three (3) featured articles, each "lampooning" the traditional celebrations of Christmas, Hannukah and New Year's Eve (under the main title: "HOLIDAYS ON THEIR HEADS").

These 3 "lampoons" are blatantly anti-traditional, blatantly anti-West and explicitly NIHILIST, though they pose as elitist cynicism - (a POSE so typical of the atheistic chic degenerati). Here are links to and excerpts from the articles:

(1) DISCOVERING AULD ANGST SYNE - trashes New year's Eve):
My big existential realization happened in a swift, barn-crushing fashion. Suddenly, when I looked at the people in Times Square on TV, they seemed to be laughing in slow motion, their voices now deepened, as if in some kind of nightmare sequence. "Haaaa haaaa haaaa!" they cried, basso profundo. What were they laughing about? Life was no laughing matter; it was serious, terrible, dark as an endless night. There was no hope for any of us.

WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT MERRY - trashes Christmas:
For years, like many other deluded and self-styled elves of the season, I labored to whip up jollity. ... A person less like my mother than John Waters is hard to imagine. Yet I like to think that her kooky 1960's blue mood had the same counter-cultural brio that has made Mr. Waters such a valued gift from Baltimore to the world. I don't know whether Mr. Waters even bothers with a Christmas tree. But he is religious about sending out cards each season, and this year's is a mug shot of him in a Santa hat, looking a lot less like Kris Kringle than like a pervert posted on Neighborhood Alert.

I will treasure that card, the way I hold dear the image of my tipsy mother waltzing around her melancholy tree. I like to imagine that, were she still alive, she would have evolved her approach to the point where, in place of the woozy holiday compilations by crooner ghosts of the 1940's, she would be hanging her oddball ornaments to the corrosive sounds of Denis Leary singing "Have Yourself a Merry Bleeping Christmas" (although bleeping is not the actual word he employs).
THE FESTIVAL OF LOOT - trashes Hannukah (and Yom Kippur):
True, we Borowitzes may not have been terribly observant in a religious sense, but we embraced all of the most important aspects of Jewish life: love, family and food. Especially on Yom Kippur.
The editorial gist of the three pieces, and the accompanying graphic: "The NYTIMES editors and writers and readers are sophisticated, atheistic, jaded, cynical and very intelligent. If you are an unabashed believer in traditonal religious celebrations, then you're an unsophistcated rube."

By running this HUGE anti-Christmas graphic and these 3 anti-traditional attack pieces ON CHRISTMAS DAY - which is also the first day of HANNUKAH - the editors of the NYTIMES PROVE that they are, more than anything else, repulsed by tradition, and fanatical in their desire to radically alter America and make it secular to the point of being an atheistic nation HOSTILE to true believers.

The NYTIMES is BLATANTLY "COUNTER-CULTURALIST" and the culture they're "countering" is our traditional Judeo-Christian culture. The editors of the NYTIMES have no respect for us believers, and they have no shame. WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE TRUE POST MODERN LEFTISTS. And total scum.

(Do you think I'm too sensitive?! Do you think I should just excuse their attempt at "humor?" I say no. And I say, I'll take it all back only when the NYTIMES starts to ridicule homosexuals, communists, jihadoterrorists and multi-culturalist liberals.)


Gandalin said...

No you are not being too sensitive. It is the callous insensitivity of the NY Times that defies belief.

You didn't mention the Times's lead editorial, the one that wasn't headlined "Christmas Day," but rather "December 25." Another slashing jibe at the traditional Christian holiday that is the reason this is a National Holiday in the first place.

On the bright side, however, the news section, at least on the web, does have an interesting article by Eric Lipton which describes how the hurricane clean-up in Harrison County, Mississippi is costing millions less and getting done much faster by private, free market contractors than the clean-up effort in Jackson County, Mississippi, which is costing millions more and getting done much more slowly since it is being handled by .... the .... federal....government.

Reliapundit said...

as always gandalin, you make good points.
here's somehting else: tonight, 60MINUTES was a three story show and two of the three stories were RERUNS. the LEAD stroy was not a rerun (i don't think). it was about a MUSLIM.

now -the Muslim was a fairly good one: the son of slain billionaire and Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.

BUT... (1) this piece cold have been run at any time in the last three months; and (2) even though it featyured an interview with Wally Jumblat - himself the target of 3 assassination attempts by Syria and the son of a man WHO WAS ASSASSINATED by Syrai - this piece - HOSTED BY DAN "FAKE BUT ACCURATE" RATHER! - neglected top pont out that the MAJOR REASON that Rafik's assassination led to the pouster of Syria from 23 years of Lebanese occupation was BECASUE GEORGE BUSH TOPPLED SADDAM.

By toppling Saddam and staying until the job is done Bush is showing the ENTIRE WORLD and the Lebabnese yearning to be free, that the USA will BACK THEM UP.

GEE: i wonder why rahther left out that connection!?


and shame on CBS for running a non-Christian/non-Jewish pro-Muslim story which omits any homage to Bush or the USA or the West.

OH: also in this 60 mintues piece, they described the Lebanese Civil war as sorta just breaking out, spontaneously. As if ARAFAT'S arrival there (from Jordan) and the jihadoterrorist's shelling of Israeli citizens and cities had nothing to do with it!

SHEESH! CBSNEWS - like the NYTIMES - is run by anti-Christian anti-Jewish anti-traditional COUNTER-CULTURE SCUM.

Anonymous said...

You ARE too sensitive. Christmas, in a country whose citizens are, mostly, Christian, has become whatever we want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care what the NYtimes prints?

Be at peace.

Be with family and friends.

Be kind and charitable.

Be jolly, merry and bright.

Be alive.

Have a nice day.

Let your anger go on holiday.

Remember, all is forgiven.

Happy Holidays!

Reliapundit said...

re the last 2 comments:

the first is a multiculti moral relativist.

the second a loon of anoither sort: a deepakchopra-head-type whoi thinks everyhting is inner.


because most peorpl think the NYTIMES is neutral/objective and they aren't; ansd they are a prime reason why traditonal morals are waning.

i believe in good morals - that they are important.

ands when i see falsehood and evil and moral decay i call it what it is.

not to would be moral crime.

folsk who remain silent to evil or excuse it are guilty of being complicit in the evil.

silence is immoral.

speaking out against evil is NOT ANGER; it is a joyful responsibility of those of us who revere life and liberty and justice; we MUST cry out against evil.

like al qaeda anfd their abbetors: the NYTIMES, the Left..,

happy new year!

opine6 said...

The writer on the New Years Eve story sounded like he was hitting his bong too much while he watched the festivities at Times Square on TV.