Monday, December 26, 2005


What do HAMAS - in Gaza and the West Bank, HIZB'ALLAH - in Lebanon, and the SUNNIS of the SUNNI TRIANGLE in Iraq have in common?

They are all armed terrorist groups which use the threat of terror to try to gain political power.

Though they may CLAIM to be political groups, and though they may POSE as political entities, as long as they remain armed - and support armed insurrection and terror - they can ONLY be at best destabilizing.

This would be true of any political group ANYHWERE: in Israel, the Labor Party doesn't have its own militia; in Canada the Liberals don't have their own militia; in France the Gaulists don't have their own militia - and so on. As long as a political party keeps a private militia a virtual civil war exists (or at least the THREAT of civil war exists - a threat which amounts to nothing more than thuggish blackmail, a threat which shouldn't be tolerated AT ALL).

If Hamas and Hizb'Allah and the Sunni groups sometimes act like political parties, this is only until they don't get their way, and then they use the threat of violence and terror to try to get their way. THIS AIN'T DEMOCRATIC! The Sunnis in Iraq appear to be doing this, right now: Unhappy with the election results they are stepping up their campaign of terror. (See HERE and HERE and HERE.)

This is why the Sunnis refuse to disarm and this is fundamentally ANTI-DEMOCRATIC and undermines all attempts at nation -building.

NONE of these nations - neither the "Palestinian Territories" or Lebanon or Iraq - will EVER become stable democracies unless and until these "militant groups" disarm. If they refuse to disarm VOLUNTARILY, then they should be forcibly disarmed. Or, the forces of democracy and liberty can do one other thing: they can appease these terrorist groups and essentially surrender their liberty and democracy to the terrorist's blackmail.

I'm waiting to see what the Palestinian Arabs and the Lebanese and the Iraqis will decide to do. In this decision lies the fate of their nations.

[ADDENDUM: I wish George Bush would more forcefully demand that these groups disarm, and offer any and all means to help the sovereign governments achieve that end! And I do mean any and all means!]


Pastorius said...

I would say that the statement that a political party can't maintain a militia is true when they are living in a Democracy. Hizballah has no argument against it's host Syria. Therefore, it is illegitimage, as you say. Likewise, the Sunnis have representation in the elected Iraqi Parliament. Therefore, they ought to have no argument with their nation, which can not be settled with a vote.

Our Declaration of Independence says that when a government is oppressive, and denies humans their God given rights, then the people have the right to take up arms against there oppressors. I agree with our Declaration.

The problem is, the Palestinians also have always had representation in the Israeli Parliament, and since Sharon gave them the Gaza Strip, they now have 100% representation in their own government. And yet, they still persist in maintaining their illegitimate militias.

The next time they hit Israel, Sharon should take out every last one of them.

Reliapundit said...

the 2nd amendment guarantees a personal; right to self defense.

terrorism is not self defense.
as innocents ating pizza in a pizzaria or getting married in amman are not threatening anyones life.

they only threaten the jihadoterrorists totalitarianism.

the for5ce we are using in iraq and that the idf uses in israel is in self defense and in defense of liberty.

the force that hizballah and hamas and the sunni uses is in defense ofr tryanny.

BEFORE THERE CAN BE PEACE AND DEMOCRACY, these terrorist groups must be disarmed: one way or another.

Pastorius said...

Yes, agreed, and my point was, this is particularly true, seeing as how they have the vote.

Anonymous said...

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