Thursday, November 10, 2005


From my Danish correspondent,"Frederiksvaerk":

POLITIKKEN: "Late last night, police in Aarhus sent a large force into the Rosenhøj neighborhood in Viby because there was again tumult in that part of town. 20-25 youths set fire to a container and tried to burn a kiosk on Søndervangs Allé by breaking a window and casting a torch into the location..."

My correspondent comments:The rioting near Aarhus initially occurred before the rioting in France exploded onto the international media. When it happened I perceived it as "one night stand" - the media here did not clearly describe the rioters as muslim, as they usually do whenever possible. In terms of the scale of the damage, and the coverage in the press, the events in Denmark are exponentially smaller in scale than the chaos that prevails in the dark hours in France.

The rampage in Aabyhoj remains in the news today because right wing parties refer to it in the context of international terror - the left would prefer to ignore it. I get sick to the stomach when left wing sympathisers try to point to socio-economic causes for this asocial behaviour. These arguments are fallacious - if they were true we would have a 1000 times more rioting and terror - and these arguments harmonise with the racists who claim that "all muslims are (potential) terrorists". These rioters may in fact have valid complaints against the societies they live in - but as soon as they abandon democratic processes and choose to threaten life and property then they are criminals.

The Danish police have a great deal of experience clashing with anarchists, neo-nazi's, and rowdy and often drunk football hooligans (from other countries, or Brøndby!). Let's not forget the Danish police fired live ammunition at a rowdy crowd of danes celebrating the defeat of the Maastricht treaty! They subscibe to the philosophy of the iron fist and the velvet glove. That is to say they will avoid a direct conflict, but they will be present in overwhelming force if possible. The velvet glove will certainly come off much faster here than in France.

The fact that rioting in Denmark did happen concommitantly to events in France could point to the existence of some sort of command and control throughout Europe. It does reveal a general vulnerability if and when the poorly integrated Muslim youth of Europe choose to be the 5th column for terror. The real danger is if the rioters succeed in creating a diffuse pattern of action which will distract the security forces of Europe from destroying the twin snakes-head of terror: the ideologues who promote terror, and recruit the footsoldiers of terror; and the operatives who plan and execute terror. They are the virus that infects the Muslim people.

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