Thursday, November 10, 2005


Assad spoke on Syrian TV today. He agreed to cooperate with the UN - but in DEFIANT tones. Assad is trying to have his cake and eat it, too. Unfortunately for him, Bush (and a UNSC that SEEMS untied on this issue - including France!) will NOT let him to have any wiggle room.

I think his tough words are intended for domestic consumption - to make him SEEM strong, so as to discourage anyone from interpreting his increasingly teetering predicament as meaning his hold on power is precarious and that the time is ripe for an insurrection or coup. When he CLAIMS he will cooperate with the UN, he is playing for the international crowd - but the prof will be when push comes to shove. STAY TUNED!

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Pastorius said...

That's actually a rather "astute" position for him to have taken.

Reliapundit said...

unfortunately NOT: since the murderers are him and his cohorts eventually he will be NEUTRALIZED - one way or another by the UNSC and UN and the USA.

if he was really ASTUTE, then he'd be negotitating a pleas deal/EXILE somewhere - perhaps indonesia or malaysia or brunei...

ASIDE: what's astounding to me is that after rolling up one tyranny after another -- the taliban, saddam, kaddafy, soon assad, - and confronting others like kimjongil -- that W seems to get ZERO CREDIT.

this is of course porimartily becasue the MSM is still dominated by the Left - as is the Dem party and they have BDS.

they are hurting him - and opur efforts in WW4, and they are aiding the enemy. SO DEEP IS THEIR HATRED OF BUSH: they don't care.

Bush lied/abugraihb/gitmo are all phony trumped up charges engineered to hurt bush, but which also hurt the USA.

like the Left in israel - and everyhwere else: they don;t care.

the Left are scum.

Pastorius said...

No argument from me there. I think Assad could change his mind at any time, and accept a deal for exile. I believe one was on the table for Hussein right up to the time we started bombing.

Assad could be trying to buy time. Time will often fix problems in unexpected ways.

Or, it could be that he knows something big is coming, which will change his fate.

Reliapundit said...

the islamofascist alliance -
freelance & amalgamated jihadis/iran/syria
will certainly continue to ignite an israeli-arab war.

re-starting this conflict as a HOT war is consistent with their general aims and increasingly necessary to divert US from attacking them (on many fronts: military and diplomatic).