Monday, October 10, 2005


Bill and Hillary Clinton famously argued that abortion wasn't the REAL problem; the REAL problem was UNWANTED PREGNANCIES, and abortion is just a bad solution to that problem. They argued that abortions should be legal, safe and VERY RARE.

I think the federal government - and abortion/life actvists - ought to put down their swords, pick up plowshares and join forces to make abortions a thing of the past. And I think they can do this by advocating a MASSIVE federally funded effort to find a pro-life way to end unwanted pregnancies. SOUND IMPOSSIBLE?! It isn't - or if it is NOW, in NEEDN'T REMAIN THAT WAY! Technology COULD make unwanted pregnancies end WITHOUT aborting the fetus - BUT BY TRANSPLANTING THE FETUS TO A WOMAN WHO WANTS TO BE PREGNANT. Or perhaps the fetus can be frozern for LATER reimplanation.

FACT: According to the CDC 55% of all abortions occur in the first 8 weeks. Most women who have an unwanted pregnancy decide very soon tghat they want to end the pregnancy. What if the during these first 8 weeks, fetuses could be extracted and frozen for reimplantation instead of aborted!? What if a woman who discovered she was pregnant and decided she didn't want to go to term DONATED her fetus to another woman - or put it up for adoption, if you prefer. This would transform the controversial "medical procedure" - abortion - with an entirely UNCONTROVERSIAL one: reimplantation.

The fetus wouldn't have to be terminated in order to terminate the pregancy. This is a pro-life AND a pro-choice solution. AND THERE'D BE A GREAT "SIDE EFFECT:" the abortion debate and all the rancorous divisive politics which surround it would be forever mooted. Never again could this issue despoil the national debate or dominate the judicial appointment process.

All it would take is an infusion of federal research money - and even perhaps an infusion of capital from the pro-life and por-choice folks: instead of raising money to reinforce their poliitcal positions, they could raise money to SOLVE THE PROBLEM ALTOGETHER! That's a challenge. Do these lobbying groups WANT to solve the problem, or do they want the debate to continue so they can exploit it for their own gain!?

Let's see...


Kyle said...

Yes, but in your solution planned parenthood cannot continue to made obscene money from operating abortion mills.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

That's the best idea that I've heard to ameliorate the problem. It wouldn't exactly solve the problem since some women would not want to donate the fertilized egg. We would still be left with the question, "Does she have the right to terminate pregnancy or not?" Even so, the idea is great and would presumably reduce the amount of abortions.

D.C. said...

Very Personal:
Let's say we are pregnante, no matter what the circumstances are.
I don't want a baby, I can't possibly do it. He does not want a baby either for his own legitimate reasons. Will I pursue this pregnacy, with all emotions and realities hitting hard and knowingly give birth to a child, my flesh and blood and who I will never be able to protect? What tells me that the futur parents won't abuse this child.

There is a deficit of white babies, but there is no lack of babies of color who desperately need better homes in the US and elswhere in the world.

As for the debate in the US, I was expained that this is one between constitutionalists and various lobby groups, pro-choice and pro-life.

As a woman, I consider my self with the same rights to do what I want with my life and body as any man. I am not from the left and neighter from the right, but at 43, I can make the difference between right and wrong.

My understanding is that when or if abortions are not possible, educated and "middleclass or upperclass" women will buy a ticket to where ever they can get an abortion if they want to. The only ones who will not be able to get the medical help, will then be women with little income.
We will have then, another problem.

Reliapundit said...

diane - i find it sad that you can consider the slim chance/possibility that adoptive (screened) parents MIGHT be abusive to the person you are carrying in your womb a worse threat than KILLING the fetus.

expressed the way you ex[presed it abortion is nothing more than a convenient mercy killing - asm if it killed two bords with one stone.

go to term.

have the baby.

give her up for adoption.

she is better off.

her new parents are better off.

and you are no worse off - perhaps better since no pangs of guilt will ever haunt you.

the adoptive parents can pay for yopur pregnancy. so there would be NO additional costs to you.

Anonymous said...

I must say, It's good you found Middle ground on this issue. I firmly agree this is a good way to combine Pro Life with Pro Choice.

Now, if we could only get people to stop the political bickering long enough to concider it.

Anonymous said...

What if the freezer where you keep these pre-transplanted fetuses stops working? Do we file murder charges against the clinic, the electric department, the freezer manufacturer?

What if a profoundly retarded woman is raped and gets pregnant and the odds are fairly certain that the child will be profoundly retarded too? How many people would willingly choose that fetus?

Would you recommend mandating this procedure for unwanted pregnancies? Or are you foolish enough to think that everyone will find your idea so amazing that no-one could possibly want an abortion given this alternative?

What business is it of yours what I do with MY body?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your idea is well intentioned but in reality women want to end pregnancies due to emotional distress. If the fetus was put into another's womb, many women would be emotionally distraught forever thinking about the child they know exists and who they can't be a mother to. They would think about that child every single day of their lives. Of course they can try to comfort themselves with having allowed the fetus to grow and live but the emotional distress is too much to bear nonetheless.

The best solution is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The gov't could send free condoms to every address every month. ha

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Anonymous said...

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