Monday, October 10, 2005


Some folks think that NORTH Korea is collapsing, rapidly (hat tip Glenn - who thinks this might be a good thing: "though the transition might not be.")

ACTUALLY: There's a simple solution to the current North Korea Nuke problem, (and the constant delays, impasses and false starts in the current and ALL the previous diplomatic attempts to solve the crisis):
the USA (and the World Bank and the IMF and the UN and the EU and China) should ALL PITCH IN (as in contribute money and man-power and expertise) and build a few nuclear power plants in SOUTH Korea - near their border with the NORTH - and GIVE electricity to the NORTH Koreans for FREE (for as long as the NORTH Koreans can't afford to pay for it; the SOUTH Koreans could invoice the NORTH Korenas at cost as soon as the NORTH can afford to pay for the power); IN RETURN, the NORTH Koreans would have to abandon their own nuclear ambitions, and stop developing and selling ballistic missiles.
The NORTH Koreans would get a virtually unlimited supply of electricity - FREE, and the world would get safer as a result - AND: we can check the safety of the SOUTH Korean plants EASILY!

The SOUTH would get first refusal on NORTH Korean products for export, and be able to make a fee for marketing these products to the world - somerthing they are extremely adept at already. The SOUTH Koreans could help the NORTH Koreans develop products which would be most exportable.

This idea would make the "TWO KOREAS" much more mutually dependent and it would therefore REDUCE the threat of war and instability. [The USES to which the NORTH Koreans apply their new power source would have to be under international scrutiny, in order to ensure that the energy generated by this project would be used by the NORTH Korean tyranny to improve the lives of most NORTH Koreans.]


Anonymous said...

Good Idea

Songun Review said...

Real solution will be goose-step shoulder to shoulder. Although I am not Bush, Spirit told me so.

Anonymous said...

I must say, you've really thought this through.

It's a very good Idea however I don't see North Korea going for it anytime soon, the thought of them being dependant on somebody else is one they’d readily reject due to their Nationalistic state of mind.

But, I must say this would be a MUCH better alternative to war.

I would like to make a suggestion though, I'd say put the Plants on the border and maintain their ownership by an independent company so that it doesn't belong to either Country, and therefore neither one can deny access to the other country. That would help persuade the north to go along with it because it would reduce their dependency on a possible hostile force.

Fred Fry said...

This solution assumes rational descission-making by the North.

fatwaman said...

good thinking. however i'm not sure the north would go for that. I do beleive they are near the tipping point and just a little more pulling/prodding is going to resolve the issue for good. Despite all the bluster they simply cannot afford to take on france never mind the US.

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