Sunday, October 30, 2005


BBC: Paris suburb hit by more rioting - Marchers walk past shell of car burnt out in riots Nine youths are being held by French police following a third night of unrest in a Paris suburb. A spokesman for the local authority in Clichy-sous-Bois said the youths had been throwing missiles and petrol bombs, and 15 cars were set on fire. Three hundred police officers in mobile units are on patrol in the town, which has a large immigrant population.
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Every single country that has a border with a Muslim country and NEARLY every single non-Muslim community with a very large minority Muslim popuation has "a Muslim problem" -- from higher crime rates, to honor killings, to anti-Semitic attacks, to terrorism. But some would have us believe that the problem is NOT with "true Islam," but with those who are "hijacking Islam" - the islamofascists/jihadoterrorists. Well, if that was the case, then: (1) why aren't more practitioners of "true Islam" condemning the riots and bombings and beheadings; and (2) why are so many of the "hijackers of Islam" Imams and Mullahs - and otherwise the MOST seemingly learned Muslims, folks who ceaselessly quote the Koran??

MY POINT: just as we must ceaselessly attack - with any and all means necessary - the islamofascists and jihadoterrorists, we must also put pressure on Muslims who want to co-exist with the Free World and perhaps see their own nations become more free and more democratic. We must pressure them to condemn the islamofascists and to make their communities and nations more tolerant and democratic.

This is the challenge we face on the political front, and I think this will take MORE than just sending Karen Hughes to visit a few Muslim nations.

It means we should be putting as much pressure on Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Gaza and Pakistan as we do on SYRIA.
Ultimately, our victory on the battlefields of WW4 will be won more quickly and with less casualties if we wage a successful war on the political front. I think we are doing this better now - with Condi and Bolton - than we were with Powell, but there is AMPLE room for improvement.

REMEMBER AMERICA: WE ARE THE REVOLUTION! The jihadists - and their Leftist appeasers here and in Europe - are the reactionaries. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


Anonymous said...

ok, to answer your questions...

1) They do. Every time there is a terrorist strike outside the middle east several Islamic clerics and other religious figures condem the attacks and the attackers, for example just after 9/11 Yasser Arafat condemned the aircraft attacks. After the london Bombings. Here is a website created by a large group of Muslims who condemn Terror attacks.


and 2) Islamic Hijackers misinterpret the Korans Teachings just as many christians misinterpret the Bibles teachings, for example, The skin heads that stand outside the funiril of a Gay man who was brutally murdered by hate group, with signs that say "Rot In Hell" and "God Hates Fags". They misinterpret that while the Bible does say that homosexuality is a sin, it also says "Love thy neighbor" and "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin"

The same goes for Islamic extreamists, they focus on the parts of the koran that says the middle east is their holy land given to them by God, ignore the parts of The Koran that preach peace and harmony with their neighbors.

Reliapundit said...

you really don't think the response to jihadist terror is adequate, DO YOU?!?!!?

i think it is TOTALLY INADEQUATE, in fact, the piddlysquiddly group you linked to trepresents not a % of the leaders of Islam. do they march? do they pass resolutions at ther leagues and councils and organizations? do they change what is taught at madrassas?

NO NO NO NO NO NO. They do not.

we need to pressure them to do more of it more effectively. like on ALJAZEERA.

you opught to read memri transaltions of speeches by their imams and the editoriaisl of their newspapers.

it is a religion in which violence is PERVASIVE.

it is the ONLY religion which practices HONOR KILLINGS, and they do it EVERYWHERE THEY LIVE.

and most mostly Muslimmnations simply do not get along with their non-muslim neighbors. that's just a fact.

it is true becasue of something.

guess what?

i think we CAN pressure them to do more.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you've ever actually read the Koran, if you had, then you'd know it preaches peace, not violence.

and perhaps Fox News doesn't tell you, because quite frankly non of the 24 hour cable networks do, That everytime a terror attack happens, many Muslim religious leaders DO go on AL JAZEERA and denounce the Violence.

perhaps you should learn arabic and watch the channel, it's by far the best 24hour news network out there, though it gets pretty graphic at times.

And your comment about muslims not geting along with non muslims is just plain abusrd, I'd venture to guess you've never actually been to the middle east, if you have, then i bet you never spent much time with the local population, they're really quite friendly people in the right parts, in otherparts that have a troubled history with the U.S like Iran or Syria, or parts of Iraq,it may be a good Idea to tell them your accent is Canadian, however this has nothing to do with religion, they just hate America for things that happened during the cold war.

Pastorius said...

And they hate the Jews ... why?



100% hate Jews. Those are astounding numbers, and they show that the culture is very, very sick in the Islamic world.

Oh, but it is all the fault of Israel, right?

Reliapundit said...

you wrote tha alJazeera is the best newoputlet _WHAT AN EFFIN JOKE.
it shows who and what you are.

as does the assine comment implying that i get my news from foxcable and other trvcable putlets.

as EVERYONE who reads this blod KNOWS - i most ofetn cite the NYTIMES and the BBC and the WASHPOST.

i diligently review ALL news sources and check a story out from ALL ANGLES.

RATHER: if you get your news from alJazeera, YOU are the misinformed ass.


She had often arguers that the proble with the jihadists is that they take a "LITERAL VIEW OF THE KORAN."

er um if they are taking a literal view, then that measn that the violence and genocide they preach and practice IS IN THE KORAN! VERBATIM.

manji argues that Islam needs to become more FIGURATIVE about interpreting the calls for jihad in the Koran. as the sufi sect does.

since the calls for genocide against infidels is LITERALLY CALLED FOR BY THE KORAN, and since countless IMAMAS AND MULLAHS - like Khomeini - have called for GENOCIDE, I CANNOT be criticized for arguing that the problem lies IN THE KORAN.

OR do you argfue that Manji and Kohimeini and Binladen know nothing of the Koran!?!/1!?

you are an ass if you do.

Anonymous said...

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