Sunday, October 30, 2005


POLIPUNDIT'S INVALUABLE JAYSON JAVITZ (Hat tip: Polipundit commenter Oak Leaf): "... last year George W. Bush won a large majority of the ballots cast in Michigan outside of Wayne County (Detroit). Sen. Kerry-Heinz only won that state’s electoral votes by virtue of having been credited with a margin of 342,000 ballots in and around Detroit.Yeah, that’s true.But I can’t help but wonder how many of those ballots from Detroit and its burbs were submitted by ghosts, corpses, and multiple voters."

QUESTION: Could massive "IREREGULARITIES" like this effect the outcome of an election!? HINT: 380,000 - yup, that's right... 380EFFINTHOUSAND - names on the MASTER LIST in Detroit - a city controlled by the Democrats - had incorrect names and addresses, including people who have died or moved out of the city! MORE: Among findings by Dteroit News reporters investigating the charges, were ballots cast by people registered to vote at abandoned and long-demolished buildings; and a practice of hand-delivering ballots from senior citizens and disabled voters that were filled out in private meetings with Currie's paid election workers!

Today's Democrat Machine would make the Tammany Hall proud!


Anonymous said...

The Republicans do the same thing, it's dirty politics, it's a shame our political system has stooped so low.

Reliapundit said...


I bet you cannot.

I argue that blaming both parties is a cop out! and i argue that folsk who routinely blame both parties are pseudo-moderates.

sometimes ony one party is doing bad things or promoting bad policies.

when one party proposes a good thing and the other a bad thing, splitting the difference and proposing half a good thing and half a bad thing IS NO BETTER THAN PROPOSING A BAD THING.

for example:
lefties arue we should withdraw from Iraq. Bush argues that we need to stay the course iuntil the job is done - that we will satnd down as the iraqis stand up.

you CANNOT splitt that and have a good policy. withdrawing SOME of the forces PREMATURELY is just as bad as withdrawing ALL OF THEM AT ONCE. becasue BOTH are bad policies.

accusing BOTH parties of voter fraud when only ONE does it is similar: it OBFUSCATES the REAL PROBLEM, and blovks any real correction. and it does so MERELY TO APPEAR non-partisan or "moderate"


extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.

nor in defense of truth.
or justice.
of what is right.

in this case, we must NOIT say "a pox on BOTH their houses," and walk away from the whole mess as if it can never change, as if it is just the weay the game is palyed.

we must condemn the perps and clean house.

in this case - and MANY many MANY others, the perps are democrats.

please send me a link to GOP voter fraud.

i challenge you.

thanks for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

There were many allegations of voting problems in Ohio last year. They were mostly not investigated. There were also big problems in Florida in 2000. Both areas were run by republicans. There were numerous reports last fall of voter registrations being destroyed by Repulicans (not government officials, but Republicans working in companies that were helping people register to vote). Search on google if you care about details. Both parties have long histories of questionable tactics. Democrats seem to favor adding votes; Republicans seem to favor preventing people from voting when they should be able to. Both of them have the same effect. There are almost certainly a number of past elections that were won by tampering with the votes. Possibly even some important ones. But the past can no longer be changed.

More important than past problems is what can be done to prevent future problems. S.450 (Count Every Vote Act) was submitted to the Senate in February to help ensure fair elections. It is sponsored by 7 Democrats in the Senate, but no Republicans. The Republican leadership has not allowed it to get to the floor for discussion. What are the Republicans doing to make sure that elections are fair?

Another problem which isn't exactly fraud is the gerrymandering of congressional districts. Both parties do it and admit to it. It leads to congress not representing the people very well. For example, in the 2004 election, Democrats got 40% of the votes in Teaxs, but only 30% of the seats. Democrats also got only 55% of the vote in California, but 62% of the seats (I chose these states because I know they have partisan redistricting and they are large enough that the percentage of seats is meaningful). If the districts were more fairly drawn, then the vote percentages and the seat percentages would match up better. Colorado is one of the few states that has a non-partisan commision draw the congressional districts, and there the Democrats got 50% of the vote and 42% of the seats (but it was 3/7, which is as close to 50% as you can get). Both parties are showing their dedication to themselves over the country by wanting to fix this only in states where they would benefit (Democrats want to change the Ohio redistricting process, Republicans want to change the California redistricting process). Most of the democratic netroots are in favor of fixing the redistricting process everywhere, so hopefully the democratic leaders will go along with that. I don't know where most of the Republican party (as opposed to the Republican politicians) stand on redistricting. Everyone that opposes non-partisan redistricting is opposing representative democracy in this country.


Reliapundit said...

james - nice try....
your ohio stuff is PURE BS. it was investigated and NO FRUAD PERPED BY THE GOP OCCURRED.

your gerrymandering point IS WELL TAKEN.

biuth sides - when in power - DO THIS, and it should be STOPPED. district should follow geography and twenships and resdiential patterns, NOT the needs of politicians.

the governator wants this stopped in california. i like his proposal.

ANYHOW: you failed to cite a single example of GOP voter fruad. there have NUMEROUS CONVICTIONS of voter fruad - all DEMOCRATS. google voter fruad and st loius, if i recall corrrectly. for ONE example of recent dem voter fraud.

rokkgod said...

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