Thursday, August 04, 2005

PAKISTAN HIGH COURT STRIKES DOWN TALIBAN LAWS - will Shias in Iraq get the message?

BBC: Pakistan's Supreme Court has said that various clauses of a bill introducing a Taleban-style moral code in North-West Frontier Province are unconstitutional. It said the provincial governor was not obliged to sign the bill into law. It has been passed by the NWFP assembly. The court said its opinion was advisory and it could not strike down the bill. President Musharraf says the bill is a breach of fundamental human rights. The NWFP government says it was mandated to pass the bill and will revise it.

Let's hope this ruling sticks - and that it also sends a clear message to the Iraqis who are writing their constitution, and debating the extent of Islam's influence/control over their government. If the Pakistan High Court ruling doesn't stick - (if the Muslim radicals flount it), then Musharraf must have the courage to enforce it. It will be another moment of truth for Musharraf.

BOTTOM-LINE: Muslims all over the world will soon determine for themselves if their religion is truly compatible with pluralism, democracy and the rule of law. I have my doubts. SURE: Indonesia and Turkey are democratic (and Egypt and Lebanon and Iraq ARE making progress) - but they are ALL also seemingly held hostage by their fanatical fringe. IOW: The moment of truth is approaching for all of Islam... I hope that Muslims choose well - and choose to move forward and join MOST of the rest of humanity. This could end the "Glo-WORM" sooner rather than later. If they do not, then WW4 will be a doozy - a long treacherous doozy.

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