Monday, April 04, 2005


BOTH Jonah Goldbeg and Instapundit recommended an article in USNEWS & WORLD REPORT by their columnist John Leo; it's his look back on the Schiavo Controversy . So I read it. They're right: it's very good and worth reading. IN FACT: RTWT! Here's what I thought he got MOST right:
"... liberal opinion was guided by smoldering resentment toward President Bush and the rising contempt for religion in general and conservative Christians in particular. We seem headed for much more conflict between religious and secular Americans.
I think this contempt for (and fear of) religion will not be easily undone by the Left. Appearances by Democrat presidential wannabes in churches, and the use of "faith friendly code-words" will not work: it will scare their base, even as it fails to fool anyone in a "Red State" state of mind. It will seem like exactly what it is: PHONY! I think it will seem phony because the anti-religiousness of the Left is very deep - (it's inextricably tied to their post-modern moral relativism, their socialist utopianism, and their animosity to the West and Western traditions; the Left's "counter-culture ethos" cannot tolerate traditional Judeo-Christian religion) - and it will be very tough for them to shake free from it.

I've written about the Left's problem with religion HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.


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