Saturday, March 26, 2005


The Left is dominated by a materialist meme.

To the Left, the concept of a Human Soul is merely the syringe by which religion - "the opiate of the people" - is injected into the veins of the gullible.

To the Left, there is no Human Soul, only a consciousness which is strictly concomitant with a certain level of neural activity.

To the Left, if-and-when that neural activity is severely diminished, then consciousness stops, and personality and personhood disappear. And the "quality of life" for the consciousness-diminished person is nil.

To the Left, a person without personality and with no "quality of life" has "no reason to live" (and other people - even parents and siblings and children of the "brain-diminished" person - have no unselfish reason to make sure the brain-diminished person goes on living).

To the Left, this category of people - (people with no consciousness and therefore no personality or personhood, and no reason to live) - includes people with advanced dementia, brain-damage, and it also includes fetuses.

To the Left, these people are not persons, but merely cytoplasm - a mass of cells.

To the Left, if you have a fetus with Down's, then it is preferable to abort it.

The Left valorizes the intellectual/ratiocinative capacity of people, and denigrates other mental, emotional capacities. Which is why the Left has consistently advocated "Politburos", select commissions, and the rulings of judges over the Will of the People and FREE MARKETS: the Left believes that an elite knows better what is right and good and proper and efficient; the Left believes that an elite knows better than you do what's good and right for you.

And that's why the Left deplored the Congressional and Presidential intervention into the Schiavo Affair, and applauded the blatant disregard of Congress and the President by the judges: popularly elected officials are not as smart as judges; to the Left, judges are part of the elite. The will of the people (as expressed by the legislature and the executive branches) is not as valid as the learned ratiocinations of a judge.

This is the ONLY count upon which the Left is correct: judges are part of an elite - a nearly UNACCOUNTABLE elite.

But not ENITIRELY unaccountable. Judges can be impeached. I suggest that we get the Congress to hold the judges who deliberately REFUSED to hold de novo hearings on the Schiavo Case IN UTTER CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS, and then perhaps IMPEACH THEM. Judges are not above the law; no judge is above the law. And the Judiciary is not above the other two branches. (The "gay marriage" decisions of many courts underlines the Judiciary's disregard for the legislative branch and for the importance of legislating laws as opposed to making law by what is essentially UNDEMOCRATIC JUDICIAL FIAT.)

It is important to uphold the concept that each and every person - regardless of their ratiocinative capabilities - has a WHOLE Human Soul because if we do not we are condemning the weakest and most vulnerable and most dependent among us to "non-human" status, to people whose life-or-death makes is of no consequence, to people whose death might actually be a good thing (in what the erudite elite determines is in "the public interest") because their less-than-perfect lives diminish the "quality of life" of the other people in their lives (pointlessly costing them and us money, for example).

This is the type of reasoning that led to the evil eugenics policies of the NAZIS and others. And it's as fundamental to the Left's meme now as it was to the Leftist/NAZI meme then.

Like our Creator-endowed, "inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness," the Human Soul is inalienable from each human being: The autist has no less a soul than the artist, the quadriplegic has no less a soul than the track star, the brain-damaged or demented have no less a soul than even the elitists of the Left.

To the Left, the "right to die" - and to euthanize non-human/"no-longer human" human beings - trumps the "right to life" because human life presupposes a certain quality of being, a certain minimal quality of life. Below that minimal level and - to a Leftist - human life is meaningless to continue.

NOW: I know that some of you Leftists out there will argue that all the court decided was what Terri wanted, BUT THIS IS FALSE. First because Terri was NOT TERMINAL, and the feeding-tube WAS NOT NECESSARY, and the court ordered removal of the feeding-tube alone is not what's killing her! What's killing her is the UNLAWFUL order of the court to prevent anyone from giving her food and water ORALLY!

Terri's SUPPOSED desire to die (rather than live as she has been living) is SOLELY based on testimony from Michael Schiavo and his brother Brian Schiavo and Brian's wife, who gave HEARSAY testimony to the effect that Terri ONCE said that she would not want to be kept on life support if she had a terminal condition.

BUT TERRI'S CONDITION IS TECHNICALLY/MEDICALLY NOT TERMINAL - BECAUSE SHE COULD LIVE FOR ANOTHER 40 YEARS IF SHE ONLY GOT FOOD AND WATER, WHICH WE ALL NEED TO LIVE! REPEAT: Terri had no terminal disease. FACT. She could live another 40 years. And in 40 years, perhaps her condition could be cured...

I defy anyone to look at the videos of Terri and her mom - which are available at TERRI'S FIGHT - and tell me that her smiles and moans in response to her mom's attentions are not reminiscent of what we have all seen from infants as they are attended to by their mothers and fathers. Terri's smile to her mom is pure love: of her mother, and of life. It is obvious to anyone seeing that love, that Terri wants to live.

OH I CAN HEAR THE LEFT NOW: The Lefties out there saying that you cannot tell what Terri is feeling by looking at the videos. OH NO!?!? Well, that's EXACTLY what Judge Greer did, and why he argued that Terri was not responsive; he said that her responses were "random." BULLSHIT; THIS AN OBVIOUS LIE TO ANYONE WHO HAS SEEN THE TAPES

Anyone who has seen the tapes can see that Terri still has a Human Soul, and a capacity for love, and a desire for life. That's why what is happening to her is MURDER.

And it's a crying shame. The court could've and should've ruled that Terri did not adequately express a desire to be disconnected from medicine or food. Or failing that, the court could've and should've ordered that she only be fed orally. But the court bent over backwards to make sure she would be starved and deydrated to death. As Michael and his brother and his brother's wife wanted, and as they ALLEGE Terri wanted.

How sad. How avoidably sad and wrong.

Good-bye Terri... I pray you'll have a gentle crossing...

Dear God; Please Bless her soul - her whole, intact beautiful Human Soul - and please God: soothe the suffering of her loving family.


M.E. said...

Excellent post. This is a horrific situation; a woman being deliberately, cruelly made to die a slow death of thirst and starvation. Felos and Greer and the rest of the pro-euthanasia crowd are using her as the first step. Soon enough we'll "progress" to lethal injections of anyone deemed unworthy; not conscious enough, smart enough, healthy enough.

This is a death march, no doubt. We know exactly where it's leading; we've seen it before, in the death camps of Germany. The only question is how long it will take to get there.

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