Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Zyuganov on President al-Assad's visit to Moscow: relations are on concrete basis

Syria-Russia, Politics, 1/19/2005

Russian Communist Party Leader Gennadii Zyuganov said Tuesday peace in the Middle East will not be achieved as Israel still occupies the Syrian Golan."We can't talk about any peace process as the Israeli aggression still poses a threat on South Lebanon, and peace will not be comprehensive in the region without reaching a fair solution to the Palestinian issue," Zyuganov told SANA in Moscow.He added that the Syrian policy owns credibility in the international and regional arenas as well as having a firm and independent foreign policy and works for the liberation of all the occupied Arab lands.He described the upcoming visit of President Bashar al-Assad to Moscow as an important event not only regarding the Russian-Syria relations, but it also gains importance due to the international ongoing situation.He added the friendship relations which link the Syrian and Russian people are based on concrete basis, saying that both countries have great capabilities to enhance trade and economic relations between them."Pressures on Syria are baseless, they were fabricated as a result of Syria's adherence to the Arab just causes and its principled stances vis-a-vis peace process and the Palestinian cause," the Russian Party Leader added.

Baathism is socialist as much as it is pan-Arabist and Islamist. From Paul Berman as related in The Guardian:

Berman draws similar links between fascism and Baathism, the Arab national socialism both of the fallen regime in Baghdad and of that which still rules neighbouring Syria. He quotes Sami al-Jundi, who helped found the Syrian Baath Party in the 1930s: 'We were racists, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the source of its thought, particularly Nietzsche.' So, paradoxically, the drive towards Muslim or Arab purity in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has its roots in a European ideology promoting Aryan purity in the nineteenth century. 'The Baathists and the Islamists were two branches of a single impulse, which was Muslim totalitarianism - the Muslim variation of the European idea,' writes Berman.

Nazism, Marxism, socialism, baathism, and neojiahdism are all Leftist and utopianist creeds: they all advocate the surpremacy of the state over the individual, and overtly call for the state to be controlled by an elite - whether a politburo or a council of mullahs is of little difference; all advocate that the elite are people who know better than we do ourselves what's good for each us. And they are willing to do HORRIBLY HORRIFYING things to attain their version of utopia.

Arafat was a socialist. Pol Pot - a socialist. Kim - a socialist. Stalin - a socialist. Hitler - a socialist; (YES: NAZI stands for National Socialist; more HERE). Mussolini - a socialist. Nasser and Assad and Saddam and Qaddafy - all socialists. And Bin Laden - he's a socialist, too.

Socialism comes in many flavors - all are mortally toxic; yea: each is a WMD!

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