Thursday, January 20, 2005


I watched the speech and liked it.

Bush spoke of the foundations of humanity's most lofty goals and of establishing universal human liberty by ending the rule of tyrants EVERYWHERE. This is something that "neocons" FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt would have applauded.

I found the speech especially enheartening (and not at all empty or false) because it came from president who's already demonstrated deep commitment to these universal values, and who's shown a fierce resolve to achieve these goals - a resolve which is second to none.

I feel it's pretty obvious that Bush 43 has what it takes to be a great and important president: a mind devoted to securing and expanding liberty, and the heart n' soul - and courage - of a good man who is confident that our nation's founding principles, and citizens, are up to the challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.

This confidence may be bold, but it is not hubristic - because it's based on truth. What makes America great is not our race - for we are all races; it's not our sectarian faith - for we are all faiths; it's not our weather, or our diet, or our style. America has become great because of our founding principles and our core values - (values that all peoples on every continent could apply to their own nations and societies). Our principles have created a system which has unleashed the greatness of our people, the bounty of our continent, and - as Bush said so well - it has also implanted deep inside each of us a commitment to the unfinished business that lies ahead: to help our brothers and sisters everywhere - of every race, of every sect, on every continent - to live in freedom, liberty, and justice - and to enjoy the prosperity and peace that is their by-product.

I wish him the best; his success is humanity's.

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Tom said...

I sincerely hope that this blog is entirely satirical. If not i advice you watch Farenheit 9/11. Not that i am saying this film is comlpete truth, its obviuosly not, some is propaganda. But the facts it put forwards should clearly have soem effect on view of 'humanities saviour'