Wednesday, January 26, 2005


If you missed Bush's press conference today you missed an INCREDIBLY great performance. He was glib, warm, forceful and communicated effectively on every issue on every question. There was none of the halting un-loquaciousness which he's become famous for. Not that loquacity is paramount for the job of president, but it helps - (if loquacity was job #1, then we'd elect slick, used-car salesmen!).

I think you should watch the 46 minute exchange. You'll come away very VERY impressed. Here's a link to C-SPAN; they have the presser available. right now.

You know what impressed me the MOST!? Bush said - in response to a question about Social Security that "Now is the time to act!"

This may best sum up what kind of president he has become since 9/11: one who acts - boldly and with a firm feel for the basic UNIVERSAL values that must underpin bold actions - in the domestic and international realms - if they are to serve humanity well in the long-term.

I came away with the renewed belief that Bush firmly believes that he must act boldy and be willing to confront tough problems with tough solutions if he is to fulfil his responsibility as president; Bush will NOT slough off problems onto future presidents or future generations, (as many previous presidents have done - with DISASTEROUS results).

Such has been the case with the GWOT: We were attacked repeatedly starting in 1979 by neojiahdists, and only really responded effectively after 9/11. Bush learned the 9/11 lesson well, and is applying it to everything on his plate. He will not let problems grow to the point of disaster. He is a bold and brave and resolute president. If he has some good successes, we will owe a debt to him for generations.

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