Thursday, January 27, 2005


GUARDIAN/(AP): Amid constant harangues that "Iraq is Bush's Vietnam," Teddy Kennedy has now explitictly called for the immediate "withdrawal" of US troops from Iraq. What he means is he wants the USA to surrender and accept defeat.

This is hardly surpising: the lefty Democrats forced the premature withdrawal of our troops from Vietnam in 1973, and then suspended financing of the South Vietnamese government in 1975. What happened as a result? The North invaded, the South fell, 500,000 were sent to "re-education" camps, 1 MILLION "boat people" fled the Marxist tyranny - half a MILLION died fleeing, Cambodia fell to Marxists and 3 MILLION more died on the altar of Leftist utopianism there as a result. You see: the Domino Theory was correct, after all. (More HERE and HERE and HERE.)

A similarly bad result will certainly occur in Iraq - and the Middle East - if we abandon the Iraqis as they battle the neobaathists (who - like Ho Chi Minh are socialists), and the neojihadists - both of whom want to re-establish xenophobic tyrannies.

Perhaps Teddy has appeasement in his genes: his poppa - the Wall Street thief, Joe Kennedy - advocated letting another socialist tyrant - Hitler - have all of Europe. (Though I suspect that JFK and RFK would want us to defend our allies and fellow democracies; at least it's pretty to think so).

Perhaps Teddy thinks the Iraqis don't deserve democracy or aren't up to it? Or maybe he thinks our troops are more needed elsewhere, like to storm and shut-down power plants in the USA in order to save us from the menace of global warming!?

It matters not why Kennedy advocates surrender; it matters only that the majority of Americans see him for what he is: a man who has ALWAYS appeased tyrants opposed to US interests, and who has always opposed using force to spread and defend democracy and liberty - from Vietnam to Nicaragua, to Cuba, to Panama and Granada - yea: even in our relations with the old- REPEAT OLD (and defeated) - USSR - Kennedy has ALWAYS advocated giving-in to anti-American tyrants.

Either Kennedy thinks peace is too dear, or that liberty and democracy are worth nothing: no battle; no war. He is wrong. Many things are worth fighting for, and the fight against tyranny and for liberty in Iraq is one of them.

UPDATE: Welcome POLIPUNDIT readers! Please take a minute and check out a few other "NO NUANCE" posts. AND: I think Lorie's point - that the timing of Teddy Jo' remarks only adds more horror to them - is totally RIGHT ON! It's a few days before the landmark election and Teddy Jo and the Left are heaping scorn and defeatism upon our bold efforts and brave sacrifices and those of the brave Iraqi people. As we all know - and this only further proves: Teddy Jo and the Left have no shame!

More HERE at Common Sense and Wonder.


directorblue said...

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opine6 said...

Why anyone even bothers to quote this used up old fart is beyond me--same for Kleagle Byrd.

The Parson said...

Kennedy's tantrum, amongst other things, is pretty racist: Either those Arabs don't deserve democracy, or they can't handle democracy. Either way, it's prejudice of the highest order. But then, what have we come to expect of the unDemocrats?

RightWriter said...

Why does backstroke Teddy take these incredible positions? Does he not remember the lessons of bugging out in Vietnam--three million or more dead? Does he consider this Nixons responsibility? The more purely pathetic and embarrasing Kennedy has become with the passage of time, the more curious I am about his motivations. Power? Anger in believing it has been usurped? Grotesque pleas for the attention and "juice" of the good old days? Perhaps its just a matter of finding it so hard to imagine that any rational, thinking person could actually believe the things Kennedy appears to.

Roberto Iza Valdés said...
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Roberto Iza Valdés said...
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Unknown said...
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