Saturday, July 06, 2024

Pro-Hamas demonstrators in NYC burned American flags on the 4th of July

New York City establishment leaders continue to make an utter embarrassment of the region as their shoddy policies on crime enabled pro-Hamas agitators to perform anti-American acts in addition to anti-Israel acts on what was once a very special day:
Pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets of New York City on Thursday and were seen burning an American flag in Washington Square Park, video shows.

Video footage posted to Twitter by Oliya Scootercaster shows the chaotic scenes from pro-Palestine activists rally on Independence Day in the liberal city. Protesters appeared to begin their gathering in Washing Square Park for their “Flood July 4th for Gaza!” as a large crowd was seen waving Palestinian flags and chanting “shut it down.”
See more at the article. NYC's left-wing establishment sure knows how to drain all the happiness out of a wonderful holiday, all for the sake of the woke directions they've been taking for quite some time now. And the worst part is how they've allowed only so many Islamofascists and their sympathisers to reside in what's now a collapsing metropolis.

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