Saturday, April 06, 2024

Muslim no-go zones turning up in Philadelphia

A writer living in Philadelphia warns that what began in Europe is now turning up in the USA, and in the city where I was born:
What appeared to be an unsettling foreign problem has jumped the Atlantic, invading America with a concomitant rise in anti-Semitism, personal attacks on American Jews and synagogues, and has resulted in a dangerous foothold in many American cities, with accompanying thuggish, disruptive behavior. Recent examples are the pro-Palestinian demonstration in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, and the two nights of vandalism at a prominent synagogue (where the author is a congregant) in the Main Line outside of Philadelphia.

It would be prudent for all Americans to remember that Muslims attacking Jews is just their first step. The real goal is Islamic global hegemony. One only has to inspect the myriad extant Muslim countries to confirm that not only are they devoid of Jews, not many Christians remain either.

A phenomenon known as Islamic controlled “no go” zones is steadily growing in Philadelphia. A stealth and increasingly overt Islamic takeover is occurring in Philadelphia and suburban area public school systems, libraries, and universities. The area was shocked when it popped out into the open with the University of Pennsylvania’s Palestinian Writes symposium which was an anti-Israel advertisement disguised as a literary symposium. This takeover includes pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel/anti-Semitic rhetoric.
According to the writer, these Islamists have even been doing prayers on the street by City Hall. And mayoral incumbent Cherelle Parker is fine with that? This is terrible, and another sign of the bad omens to come, even in a city where, from what I know, the Democrats minding the store are even allowing sanctuary for illegal immigrants, whom you can be sure include plenty from Muslim countries. Philly is tragically falling victim to evil in more ways than one.

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