Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Scottish National Party elects Muslim member to serve as First Minister

If you thought it was bad enough London has a Muslim mayor over in England, now Scotland has much higher ranking adherent to the Religion of Peace appointed to lead the local government (via Pamela Geller and Gateway Pundit):
Humza Yousaf on Monday was elected the new head of the Scottish National Party, promising in a speech to bring the party together, support citizens with the cost-of-living crisis and deliver independence from the United Kingdom.

He is slated to assume political leadership in Scotland following his nomination in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

[...] Yousaf, currently Scotland’s health secretary, has served in government since 2012 and was considered the favorite in the race against Kate Forbes and Ash Regan.
What makes this a most chilling affair is that Yousaf deliverated a tirade 3 years ago in the Scottish parliament about too many whites in the government. And to think, that previous premier Nicola Sturgeon would sell out to transsexual ideology, only to have somebody like this elected by the SNP to lead the northern side of the UK. Her incompetency, some could surely argue, is exactly what brought this current fiasco around, because all that's occurring now is replacing one problematic politician with another, who's bound to be just as bad for women as his predecessor. Will the Scottish public protest? Something tells me this is sadly going to pass without many objections, in contrast to the previous topic that practically led to this misfortune. Forbes, who's a Christian adherent, was sidelined by the favorism that clearly resulted in Yousaf's election by the SNP's board.

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