Sunday, October 02, 2016


The Israeli police have uncovered an ISIS gang operating in Jerusalem:
Israel's Shin Bet domestic security service and Jerusalem Police uncovered a terrorist cell run by the Islamic State group in East Jerusalem that planned to carry out attacks across Israel, the Shin Bet cleared for publication Sunday.

Six residents from the Shoafat refugee camp and the neighborhood of Anata are accused of establishing an IS terror cell, attempting to reach Egypt or Syria to join IS fighters, and of planning to carry out terror attacks in Israel on behalf of the group. with attempting to join the Islamic State.

Indictments were filed against four members of the squad Sunday morning at the Jerusalem District Court, while indictments were filed in the Magistrate's Court against two other squad members. The group members face charges of attempting to aid an enemy during war, membership in an illegal organization, membership in a terror organization, and aiding a terror group.

According to the investigation, the members of the cell planned several serious attacks, including mass attacks around the country and kidnappings.

The indictment said the network had been established in 2015 by 29-year-old Ahmad Shweiky, Ha'aretz reports. He is said to have set up a weekly study group that met to study IS ideology.

Members of the group allegedly cut their hair, grew out their beards, and folded the hem of their pants in a fashion customary among Islamic State supporters.

Two of the suspects, Amer Al-Baiyeh and Mohammed Hamid, are said to have travelled to Israel's southern border with Egypt six months ago where they made an unsuccessful attempt to obtain visas to cross into the Sinai peninsula, a hotbed of jihadist activity in Egypt.
I think there's valid grounds for exiling these monsters far outside the boundaries of Israel, to some remote part of the Arabian desert where they're far away from civilization as can be. But for now, they should be locked away underground. Besides, all they want to see is darkness.

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