Tuesday, June 14, 2016


As noted earlier, there was a horrific attack by a Muslim security guard at a gay nightclub in Orlando this week that left 50 dead (H/T: Michelle Malkin). The culprit's father, it turns out, is a Taliban supporter. Naturally, one can only wonder how some would-be writers are reacting to this awful news. For example, we have Dan Slott, whose only concern seems to be gun control:

For a leftist like Slott, psychology can never possibly be a problem. When he answers a guy who told him the club members could've defended themselves had they been able to carry guns, he says:

Maybe he should just shed his own for a change. There's no point in mimicking Hilary Clinton.

Unless they're liberals like Slott.

But as it so happens, the perpetrators could've used knives. There was a horrible case last year, right here in Jerusalem, where a Haredi crackpot from an isolationist-type background stabbed several people at a LGBT parade march in the summer, and murdered a 16-year-old girl who wasn't even a lesbian. The authorities have to shoulder much of the blame for failing to take any steps to prevent that monster from committing his repulsive crime. Many rabbis condemned the crime and made clear that, no matter how much they disagree with practice of homosexuality, it's no excuse for murder and violating the Commandment against it. I don't seem to recall Slott or any of his leftist colleagues ever condemning that tragic incident. Perhaps violence by religious fanatics of Haredi backgrounds doesn't exactly concern them?

Keep going with those flaccid defenses, which collapse instantly. There's black marketeering of weapons globally, but most important of course, is how educational systems are failing.

I've got a hunch he doesn't want to live in Israel because there's thankfully laws today permitting self-defense, not unlike what the USA offers.

So mindsets and education are never at fault in these cases? As expected, Slott keeps floating around in fantasyland.

Let's turn to Ron Marz. What does he consider a big issue here? As you could probably guess:

But no condemnation of the shooter's ideology and what led him to commit the horror? Now, here's G. Willow Wilson, whose answer is predictable:

But you can connect the Koran's nasty standing on homosexuality - such as verse 7:81 - to what happened. So her blabbery excuses are meaningless.

Let's now look at Gail Simone. She says:

No idea that the perpetrator was an Islamofascist? I vaguely recall her downplaying the seriousness of the issue on the Dixonverse forum. How can we buy that she's really concerned?

Don't be fooled by her fake sentiments either. She's decidedly a phony if she won't condemn the education source of the shooter.

If she did, then she'd worry about the Koran's verses. But all people like her worry about is Christianity/Judaism.

Yes, far more than Mrs. Simone happens to be.

Now for Kurt Busiek, albeit here, I'm going to post it via an answer given by another Twitter user:

The guy's right. An Islamofascist followed his Religion of Rape's view of homosexuals, and all Busiek cares about are conservatives? In that case, Kurt's not worried at all. He's just doing a two-sides-of-same-coin tactic. On the one hand, he claims to be in favor of homosexuality at all costs, yet that support grinds to a halt when Islam rears its ugly head. As Milo Yiannapoulous says, the left's chosen Islam over homosexuality, and now look what's happened. Now for Ed Brubaker:

Looks like he can't bring himself to name the religion that led to this tragedy either. It's hard for one side to be decent when they adhere to Islam.

Yet Ed doesn't seem particularly interested in recommending a way to prevent massacres like this from happening either.

There's just one little thing: will president Obama and other Democrats work closely with the GOP to ensure it never happens again? However, wait'll you see what this following artist/writer named Sarah Horrocks has to say:

Umm, even if it wasn't Muslims per se, what if it turns out there's any who supported the opposition?

Very fascinating. This woman is trying to divert attention from pertinent issues and heap it all on an easy target: Christianity. She's probably not even disturbed that just a few weeks ago, Orlando hosted a Muslim cleric who called for death to gays and lesbians. Say, if she's really so bothered, then is she mad at any LGBT advocates who may pan Muslims too? How pathetically cheap she is. Same goes for Gerry Conway's reaction:

What a pathetic show of knowledge from somebody who either didn't read the Koran, or is so callous he sees nothing wrong with it.

Conway's reaction is probably that a Muslim pulled this sickening act, and not a Christian and/or conservative.

Nothing is what liberals like Conway do best these days. The guy's long made a joke out of himself, leaving one to wonder why he'd ever bother creating the Punisher if he never liked the vigilante approach he ascribed to Frank Castle.

In the end, if anything's clear, it's that, while leftists may uphold homosexuality when Christianity/Judaism object, they'll abandon homosexuality when Islam objects. Even the above lefty examples may know that, but won't ever admit it. They're simply not fit to speak on the issues any more than they are writing comics and movies.

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