Friday, February 27, 2015


I'm not kidding. Aaron Teitelbaum, who, like his late relative Joel Teitelbaum, mentally abused thousands of brains, recently and predictably attacked Netanyahu, and some of what he says, if this is correct, comes close to sounding like the overlords of another religion he may want to emulate:
The Satmar Rebbe, who is currently in Antwerp, Belgium for several days, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new study hall, strongly condemned last night (Saturday night) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for European Jews to immigrate to Israel.

At the inauguration of the new study hall the Rebbe said, “the Prime Minister of the infidels (Netanyahu) begs Jews living in Europe – Leave Europe go up to Israel”.

“When there was a terrorist attack in Har Nof or Hebron, did you also tell them to leave Har Nof or Hebron? It is great audacity, and if he has the power to save the country, why is it that what happens there, happens?” the Rebbe roared.
First, note his terminology of "infidels". That sounds eerily similar to what Muslim clerics say about non-Muslims! And is Teitelbaum saying Netanyahu should call on Jews to leave Hebron and the Har Nof neighborhood? Don't be surprised if a man as hostile to Israel as Teitelbaum is sees nothing wrong with that. And he doesn't stop there:
The Rebbe added, “The head of the klipa of the Zionists (Benjamin Netanyahu) got up and delivered meaningless sermons after these events, he called for European Jews to immigrate to holy Israel, does this proud nothing also open his mouth when 3 young men are killed in Hebron, does he also tell all settlers to leave their homes? When he went to war last summer, killing more than 70 Jewish soldiers, did he say to flee from the land of Israel? How has he the audacity and nerve to say to Europe’s Jews to move to Israel? Can he protect them?”
This is enough to make my jaw fall of my face and crash to the floor in disbelief. It was Islamofascists who killed those soldiers, not Netanyahu and Zionists! Teitelbaum is as monstrous as they come. He's one of the crowd opposing Netanyahu's speech to Congress, and misusing taxpayers' money in Kiryas Joel as he directs his Chelmites to live by socialism, in contradiction of the Torah.

What Joel Teitelbaum did to Haredis like these caused massive psychological damage that'll take centuries to repair. Neither he nor his descendants deserve to live in Israel if that's the mindset they take, but at the same time, they cannot be allowed to exploit welfare. Something must be done to put a stop to that abusive behavior as well.

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Unknown said...

there is a lot of wrong and missing translations of the speech in this article
see here the speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suHgCrD3ygg