Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Retired Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt of the USMC wonders if England's coming Islamization can be prevented:
The catastrophe for which the U.K. is heading is “Islamization.” It is a process by which the country is transitioning from a land where individual freedoms were first recognized 800 years ago by the Magna Carta to one relinquishing those freedoms to accommodate the demands of an ever-increasing vocal and violent Muslim community seeking to replace democracy with religious tyranny.

With the host country’s native population failing to reproduce at the level necessary to maintain itself while the Muslim population significantly exceeds that same level, it is only a matter of time before the latter becomes the majority. And, as history has shown us, where Muslims become the majority, personal freedom and tolerance disappear as sharia becomes the law of the land.

Just like the CIC officer’s warnings onboard the World War II destroyer went ignored, ample warnings given by those in the U.K. monitoring Islam’s growing ominous influence similarly have gone ignored. Just like the ship captain’s last minute action to avoid catastrophe by reversing all engines, England’s leadership has taken a step to do the same concerning the terrorist consequences of Islamization. But it begs the question whether it is too little, too late to save the U.K.

England’s leadership has failed to focus on several factors slowly choking individual rights.

Muslims comprise about 5% of the U.K.‘s population. Growth is a combination of two factors-immigration and low native-accompanied by high Muslim-birth rates. In 2013, the native fertility rate slipped to 1.85 (a rate of 2.1 is required to maintain current levels) while for Muslims it was 3.0. Some critics predict, at current rates, England could have a Muslim majority population in four decades.

Non-working Muslim men are burdening a welfare system designed to assist recipients with one spouse but not those having up to four, as Islam permits. Thus, benefits are being disproportionately drained by Muslim families and will unlikely be there later for native recipients who paid into the system.

The extent to which Muslims have taken advantage of the welfare system is personified by British-born Islamist cleric and ISIS supporter Anjem Choudary. While raking in welfare payments of US$43,000 annually-leaving him free to promote Islamic extremism-U.K. soldiers earn about half that amount to fight it. Meanwhile, Choudary encourages fellow Muslims to go on welfare telling them it is their entitlement to the tax non-Muslims must pay Muslims in accordance with sharia.

Unlike other immigrants who assimilate into the host country’s society, Islam prohibits it. Thus, no effort is made by Muslims to adopt U.K. laws and culture.
And the UK government makes no convincing effort to discourage Muslims from continuing to practice the religion either. That's surely one of the most fatal errors made by multiculturalists - they won't coax the followers of darkness away from their belief system and to take up another one they think could work better. And that's what could spell the UK's undoing even further.

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