Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I am not referring to Romney's Kinsleyan 47% gaffe.

I'm referring to the fact that Obama consistently gets at least about 40% in the polls.

No matter what the eff up of the day is, Obama get's 40%.

It's really puzzling to me. I mean, when the Obamacare website was doing INEXCUSABLY HORRIBLY, he still got 40%. Two weeks after promising Ebola would never get to our shores, Obama still got his 40%. After his inexcusable somersaults on ISIS/ISIL and conatinthem versus destroy them, Obama still got his 40%. After getting caught in the most bald-faced POTUS lie of all-time, ("If you like your healthcare, then you van keep your healthcare. PERIOD!"), Obama still got his 40%.

And so on.

In France, Francois Hollande is polling at about 13%. And his effort is on par with Obama's - but Obama is getting 3x as many people to stick by him - NO MATTER WHAT.


Who are the people who do NOT give a shit how awful Obama is?

Here's my guess:
  • 90% of the blacks - about 10% of the general population
  • 80% of the gays - about 2% of the general population
  • 75% of the people who think man-made CO2 is causing a climate catastrophe - about 5% of the population
  • 50% government union workers - about 3% of the general population
  • 70% of the hispanics - about 10% of the general population
  • 75% of the single-moms - about 5% of the general population
  • 75% of the low info liberal voters - about 5% of the general population
These people are not representative of the great diversity in this nation.

These people see themselves as victims - victims who need a big powerful government to punish the people the Left has convinced them are responsible for how the fact that they FEEL like victims

The blacks and gays and hispanics and single-moms who support the Democrat Party see the Democrat Party as a means for REVENGE.

The bleeding-heart liberals feel guilty themselves and see the Democrat Party as a way to expunge their guilt by punishing OTHERS.

The government workers see the Democrat Party as the guarantee they can suck at the teat of government in perpetuity.

(There are more extreme leftists who think Obama is too centrist, and they make up the majority of the blacks, hispanics, gays, climate alarmists, single mothers and low info voters who DON'T support Obama.)

The GOP should NOT write off these voters. (As Romney seemed to be indicating.)

We can peel off a fair number of them. Maybe 1-2% of each group.

75% of these die-hard Obama supporters live in the cities.

To peel them off from the Democrat Party, the GOP needs to come up with an urban agenda and an environmental agenda.
School choice and charter schools is a GREAT urban issue; in NYC the blacks and hispanics LOVE charter schools. 
And clean H2O is a much better environmental cause than no man-made CO2 - and it's especially important in the Third World. By focusing on cleaning humanity's water supply globally the Right can truly make the world a better place environmentally and also deflect the political attacks from the Left that we are heartless.
I think these two policies could get the die-hard Obama-types down to around 30% - a number that makes Democrat voter fraud worthless.


Pastorius said...

1/2 of the Government Union Workers are 3% of the population?!?!?!?

Over half of the people in this nation get their money from the government in some form or another.

There is little difference between a person who gets a check from the government for working or not working.

Am I mistaken? I think almost everyone who WORKS for the government IS a member of one union or another.

Am I wrong on that?

Think about all the cops and firemen, and the hospital workers, and the people at the DMV's and the welfare offices and the schools, and all the other agencies.

There almost all Union.

I think you may have way underestimated that number.

Pastorius said...

One of the worst things that has happened to this nation is that men who work in "manly" professions like policing and for the fire dept. are all NOW a bunch of sissies sucking at the Union teat.

They all vote democrat and they all tow the fucking party line.

This has destroyed manhood in our country almost as much as Academia and the "Women's Movement".

Pastorius said...

The only frontiersman left in this country are entrepreneurs and salesmen.

Reliapundit said...

you agree with romney and the 47%.

i do not.

i believe govt union members are different and more inclined to support the democrats.

i believe the right can peel off 5% of traditional dem voters with a better platform - one that includes and urban agenda/school choice/charter schools and CLEAN H2O as a counter-attack to leftsts who are co2phobic and attack us as anti-Mother Earth.

Reliapundit said...

scott walker proved that many govt union workers are not leftists.

when he made union membership and dues voluntary 30-40% quit and stopped paying.

Pastorius said...

That's a good point.

I don't think it subtracts from my point that Union erode manliness.