Sunday, October 12, 2014


The same crowd behind the previous sickening anti-military posters against Haredi recruitment have struck again with one that draws Haredi soldiers to look like pigs:
Members of the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem distributed posters this week caricaturing Haredi Jews serving in the IDF as pigs and accused them of attempting to corrupt the religious community.

The flyers were part of a campaign against the participation of ultra-Orthodox Jews in the IDF whose slogan brands religious soldiers as insects and attempts to dissuade others from the community from joining them.

“They sent me to confuse the boys in the seminaries, and dry out their souls,” the caricature pig-soldier brags in the text of the posters, which were pasted on walls in some of the capital’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods earlier this week. “I fool them with slogans from the Gemara, but in effect I’m something else entirely.”

Alongside him are three ultra-Orthodox children who scoff at the soldier, who wears a black skullcap, is carrying a Talmud and has a gun over his shoulder. “Look at what ears he has,” one says, “just like a hyena.”

“I actually think it’s a fox, look at its smile,” the second says.

“I’m telling you that it’s ‘something else [i.e. a pig]‘ entirely, look at its nose and look at what it has in its pocket,” the third says. The pig-soldier has a copy of Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth sticking out of his IDF uniform pants.

A young man in a black suit, presumably old enough to be drafted into the army, runs away.
Anybody with common sense should just walk away from this propaganda that isn't all that different from nazi propaganda. Such disgust can encourage terrible receptive behavior for soldiers and is not something any sane person wants their children to be taught. Curious how the poster may be against Yediot Achronot when their politics aren't all that different from the anti-army Haredis. For all we know, that newspaper might've helped them, in spite of articles that were negative.

Update: to make matters worse, the Hamas posted the same image concocted by these Haredi extremists on Twitter. So now an image that was primarily used against Haredi soldiers out of spite for the IDF is being exploited by the Hamas for more evil intentions. And that just makes this whole issue even more sickening. More on the topic at i24News.

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